Friday, January 9, 2009

I won a prize!!!!!!

Katharine over at Pony Tales blog, Had a contest I won. She sent me this..........
........ Wonderful book for entering a drawing over at her blog. Katharine rescued Panama, she tells of her trials of being a horse owner. You can buy Panama a treat while you are there too, Cactus Jack would probably like that LOL.

Thank you Katharine, the book is wonderful, and it really does have "Everything Horse" in it, from history to grooming and vet info, its pretty cool!


  1. Pam, you are very welcome. :o) I'm glad I had the drawing and met you! I've been reading your blog when I have time and I enjoy it very much. I love meeting other horse owners who are as crazy about their four-legged friends as I am!

    Thanks for the link to my blog!

  2. Congrats!! You well deserve it!!

  3. Very cool!! I love playing these fun lil' blogging give away's too!

  4. AWESOME! Congratulations!! You deserve this!


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