Thursday, January 15, 2009

Columbia Gorge, Beacon Rock hike.......

Our hike up Beacon Rock took us about 45 min., it is a beautiful hike on a sunny day. This first picture is off of the website. It is one of the most prominent features in the Gorge.

Here is the website if you want more info

and another site......

sign at the beginning of the trail.

Here we go, up, up, up......

This is the first view you get, after climbing.........
(This beach is the local"nude" beach, yes nude beach, you should see the yachts that line up along here in hot weather, and they get out of these yachts and wash them, nude, guys and gals. This is right by my Hubbys favorite fishing hole LOL and not just because of the nude beach LOL although it is entertaining LOL Right here is a really good sturgeon hole. The beach is actually Rooster Rock state park in Oregon.)

.........all of this, on the SW side. Ashely kept freaking out over the little bridges on the way up LOL.

.....and this. on the west side.

This is the view to the East up river.

This little plaque is about half way up. The trail is pretty old.

And we made it to the top! Eastward view again. Ashely, Meghan and me.
North view.

This guy was flying around the Rock that day, thats how high up we were!

Sara, Ashley and Meghan, time to start back down.

The views are all worth the hike, this is a West view down the river, from the top.
The Gorge majorly affects our weather here, it is one giant funnel from west to east or east to west, which ever why the wind decides to blow!


  1. Wow! You were higher than an airplane.

  2. WOW! You rock! I mean to climb that far up and then back down! Sheesh- my lungs hurt just think'n about it! I bow to the master!
    Thanks for the hike by proxy- I'd never get up there without a pony!

  3. Now that hike I've never done...what a view!!! But what a climb...without a horse...ugh, that's too much work for me LOL!

    Hey, stop by my blog, I've got a lil' something for ya!

  4. I grew up in Longview WA, (SW WA) and have been by here so many times and yet never have seen it from the vantage point you've shown in these photos! Thanks for the tour, makes me homesick.


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