Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mickey part 2......

Ok I just spent a 1/2 hour putting all my comments with these photos and blogger , didnt post the text!! grr LOL well here goes again.

Meghan rode Mickey for 3 years in 4-H, they did ok, blues, reds, and some whites in speed events, Mickey is no speed demon LOL. I think I have posted this pic before, but it is one of my favorites

They rode in everything, Showmanship, Western, Huntseat, and Bareback Equitation, gaming which included, poles, barrels, key race, figure 8, and flags. Both of the girls rode in everything, and they did groom squad and horse judging class too. I wasnt of a mind to specialize while they were learning, I wanted them to get a taste of everything. I have let Meghan specialize for Equestrian team, she does Drill and gaming, and cows, performance classes she doesnt like so she isnt doing them, she has to do one, and that is usually IHOR, in hand obstacle relay, where they lead the horse through a trail course.

here they are running barrels at horse camp. They did horse camp every year, 5 days with their horses doing all the classes, they had a lot of fun.

Here Meghan is in a Huntseat clinic, ya her stirrups are to long and she doesnt look like she wants to be there at all LOL, probably tired of Mom yelling at her to do this and do that from the stands LOL I think Mickey looked really cute Huntseat.

Western Eq. at a horse show, Meghan colors were green and burgundy, we found a cute vest at Goodwill, and bought a matching saddle blanket.

This is their first blue ribbon, in bareback Eq. First place out of 6-8, she sure was happy!

I did say Mickey is the only horse to ever send me to the hospital, all my fault. She was a green 3 year old and was wanting to buck, I didnt give her a way out, I asked her to turn instead of go straight and buck, and she went up instead and came over backwards with me, as she was getting up she stepped on my left elbow, and I hit my head hard on the ground, no helmet, when I sat up my arms were spasming in front of me, scare. I managed to get up and walk to the back deck and proceeded to faint, when I came to, they had called an ambulance, no broken bones or head, I think I fainted from the pain in my arm. I should have gotten off, and did something else until she worked through the bucking fit. Hindsight LOL.
I will say she is the horse that has taught me the most, and is the most comfortable to ride. I purchased her when she was 2, and she is 20 now.


  1. Beautiful pictures girl!! How did you do with all the snow we had?? Sorry, haven't been here lately so maybe you've already posted about it. I for one, am glad it's gone! It was a beautiful white Christmas and that was nice for a change, but it can be a pain!! Hope all is well with you - take care.

  2. Yes! most empathicaly, I am glad the snow is gone LOL now we have a nice week with no rain to let things dry out a little bit! We did ok with the snow only had about 16 inches, 2 bad days cleaning out the barn until it melted.

  3. They all take time ,but it is worth it. My Catana never put me in hospital but I think I got enough air time to qualify for a pilots license. Hid her for 28 years and for about 20 of them she was the perfect horse.Mickey looks like she got it together big time and was a great horse

  4. I'm just getting caught up on posts after the cattle drive thing...Mickey is really pretty...looks very QH to me. Love the pics of Luxor...what a silly dog! And, the girls sure did a great job on the Parelli demo.

    Hope all is well with you~~


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