Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar.......

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, one of our nicknames for her was Sugar booger LOL sometimes she could be a booger.
This is in one of the barns at our fairgrounds, either Meg was getting ready for or had just finished hunseat eq. class. oh must be finishing, with the blue ribbon in hand :)

And here is Sugar booger LOL, I think Meg came off over her shoulde a little ways down, but got right back on and ............ can see that they finished the course in the end, but with a no time. Meghan wasnt hurt when she came off.
We had a lot of fun with Sugar while we had her, Meghan outgrew her, so I decided to sell her. We got $900 for her with her $250 saddle, and halter and bridle, not so bad, Sugar was only 7 at the time and I figured she had a lot of kids to raise yet. In retrospect I regret who I sold her to. I had known these folks for years and talked horses with them, sold them equipment and feed and thought that they took good care of their horses, well feed wise they did. I found out later that they tried to use a whip on Sugar, remember I said she was scared to death of them, well she took of and scrapped the young boy off on an open gate, so the mom got after her too, the rest is just imagination, but they sold her 3 months later. I was very disappointed and sad, they sold her to someone in Portland is all I know. I hope she went to a good home, she was all that I sold her as, there isnt an excuse for poor horse handling. Like I said Meghan rode her for 3 years in 4-H and they got mostly blues.
If anyone in this area sees her I would love to know how she is, it is hard to not even know if she is alive or not, or loved or not. She would be 14 now, and she has a small white spot on her lower lip, and a white spot between her front legs, she also has a barbed wire scar on her front right fetlock, from before we got her. We put a lot of time and training into her, only to have her abused and mistreated again, its so sad. At least they didnt have her for long.
Does anyone else have regrets about selling a horse? I know you cant do anything about it after they are gone, but it would be nice to know about her.
I have a friend that sold three mules to an outfitter is Idaho, in trade for a hunting trip, well they went on the trip this last year and were pretty much left to fend for themselves, but before they just packed up and left for home, they asked about the mules. The outfitter told them that the jenny mule had been taken out by one of his hired men and across a creek, well the asshat drowned her in the creek, can you believe that! (there is a reason that you dont leave a tie down on them when you cross water) I have never wanted a mule, but this jenny I would have taken in a heartbeat, I liked her personality and her looks, 16h, red dun mule, she was pretty cool, and I liked how she moved. I just dont want to hear one of those stories about Sugar.


  1. That's really sad about Sugar. I helped my brother-in-law sell his two-year-old Georgian Grande to someone I thought I knew well enough, but turns out she was a crazy b!tch. I worry about that horse all the time.

  2. Oh that sugar booger buckeroo made me laugh!

  3. Oh no! Such a discouraging post. So sad about the poor mule and so sad that Sugar had such a bad experience. In those pics, she sure is cute.

    I hope she went to go live with a family that has a young girl to grow up with and ride her.
    I hope you can find her so you'll have peace :)


  4. I know how you feel, it is hard to sell them. I sold a horse to my neighbor (ex rope horse) and now he just sits in the stall 24-7, maybe gets out twice a year. And of course, they said they would be trail riding him often. Hard to see him sitting there, day in and day out. :(

  5. I am glad that a lot of you know how I feel, no wonder I keep horses all of thier lives, I cant bear to think about what might happen to them, even though they are not mine anymore.

    I hope I can find her someday.


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