Monday, January 26, 2009

The Legend of the Huckleberry Monster.........

The legend of the Huckleberry Monster.....every late summer, we go up in the mtns where we hunt, to go huckleberry picking. We do have to watch out for the Huckleberry Monster. This creature is elusive and hard to find, and usually purple in color.

Do you see her in this picture? hmmm no not yet, but I see beautiful big fat huckleberrys.

This was a particularly good year for huckleberrys. Plump ripe and turn your tongue purple sweet. Can you see the Huckleberry Monster yet?

I love Huckleberry picking and I usually can pick a gallon in about 3 hours, then wash them and freeze them, or make jam with them, or all of the above, and huckleberry pie too! yum yum!
hmmm me thinks you may be able to see the monster here! Well this time our monster in red and wearing sunglasses but a monster non the less LOL

The beautiful alpine forest where our huckleberry fields are, it smells so good up here on a warm day, fir forest smells so good.

This trip we happened to have another monster find us. This one decided it would assault defenseless fir trees, uh or it was reverting back to monkey stage LOL

Any honest huckleberry picker will go home with purple hands, if they dont then they werent picking enough berries!

Ashley, Hubby, part of me and the Huckleberry Monster.

Here we go a better view, HBs favorite way to pick berries is to sit in the middle of a patch and pick, and she does a good job!

And the road home, it is usually grouse season when we go so we make sure we have a shotgun with us when we go. The road home, dusty gravel roads. This area is probably buried by snow right now, I am sure its been a harsh winter so far. There a short huckleberry trip, it always brings me good memories! I love the mtns. The huckleberry's are usually ripe up here the last two weeks of August or through September, then it starts raining again and we get into chantrell mushroom season more yum yums!!


  1. Yummm! What time should I be there for pie? we don't have Huckleberries here but I have tried them and Loove em!

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures, almost made me forget the heavy wet snows of this weekend.

    Fun Blog!

  3. fernvalley, I have one bag of huckleberrys left in the fridge, so one pie left LOL anytime!

    boy mom, thanks, I am still new to this and it has been fun.

  4. What beautiful country! I have never had a huckleberry. Can I go next time?


  5. What fun! I've never picked huckleberries, but I've enjoyed jam. Very unique flavor.

    Such a funny monster that stalks the huckleberry bushes! hehe



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