Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Funnys..... in Spongebob Labrador pants, LOL, Luxor is so goofy sometimes, Hubby got these boys underwear as part of a xmas gift, as a gag LOL well Luxor found them and was carrying them around, so Hubby put them on his head, and yes he still has them in his mouth LOL.

This is what he does he carrys things around, today it was his blanket, a pair of pliers, and the underpants LOL

He carried them around for a long time then.......

Hubby and David got the bright idea to put them on him like shorts LOL we were laughing so hard, a Luxor is none the worse for the wear LOL, he carried them around for a long time after he got pantsed LOL he didnt much care for "wearing" them though LOL


  1. Oh My Gosh.... that is TOOO funny!! (Funny enough that my coffee took a detour through my nose!! LOL)

    Love the "pasnted" look ;) Poor silly Labby. Please give him a rub from us! Labs are such cool dogs, and will always provide the perfect laugh/ cuddle/ comfort!

  2. My dog Winston is like that,has to have something in his mouth, slipper toy sock, my bra(which was lovely since he wandered out with it when we had company.


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