Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wedding part two.....

The wedding went great, they had the cutest cake, a pirate ship! LOL

Here are the bride and groom done in sugar, even there little boy was on the ship made out of sugar! great detail.

Meghan the night before trying on her pirate costume. saying" aarrrhggg"
Meghan and Saras Friend decorated the pavilion outside, they did a good job! We bought $4 sheets at Walmart and they tore them in strips and used them outside.
There were pirate flags on the tables, and some black,red, white streamers. This is one of the meeting rooms here at the B and B.The young women getting ready, LOL Sara was running late, apropos for a bride LOL Her hair took forever to curl, it goes down to her waist, they put it up, and then curls the back in ringlets. She had her wedding outfit tailored, it turned out beautiful. I will post just some pics of it soon.

And off to the ceremony we went........ more later! We are within the shadow of Pikes Peak, beautiful.......


  1. Aarrr, Matie! Shiver me timbers, what a great wedding adventure. Keep an eye on those pirates and the gift table.

  2. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Great idea for a theme -- looks like it turned out fantastic!

  3. Oh that's a wonderful NORMAL wedding! I love seeing people get creative instead of spending tens of thousands on a party. Bravo to everybody, and congrats to the new couple!

  4. What a cute wedding! How much fun!



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