Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on Emma......

I had to make a couple of corrections on my previous post. Fistful of Dreams, Emmas sire, is a chestnut, not a dun like I said, my memory failed me there. He also is 1300+ lbs! and 15.2 no wonder she is so big.

This is Emma at 3 mo. old

Emma at 4 mos. old, what a strawberry redhead she was.
Emma at 7 mos.

This is the only picture I have of Emmas sire, Fistful of Dreams. I guess I forgot he was a Dreamfinder son, Dreamfinder is one of the all time Appaloosa sires. Emma has a much better chest than her sire. Fistful from what I understand was hurt as a youngster and not ridden.

This is Dreamfinder, her grandsire, this is where Emma gets her longer back from, he had a pretty long back.
This is Mr Exclusive, as it says LOL, he is Emmas dams sire. Emma looks a lot like him. He was over 1300lbs too jees, I guess is is in her genes to be a moose LOL Emma is 14.3 maybe 15H and I bet she is 1200lbs, she wears an 84 balanket. She is short compared to her parents, her dam is 15.2 also. Thats ok with me if she was much bigger she would have a hard time in the trailer, and has in other trailers than mine, she bruises her "little" butt LOL
Mr Exclusive was a red dun, and Emma took after him in coloring, although she is whiter than he was.

Here Emma is at 11mos old. she was a big girl as a baby!

Here you can see the frosting starting on her butt.
Do other people keep such records on their horses, really do you all? I try to take a new "color" picture of Emma when the seasons change, she is different every year. That is the fun of Appaloosas.
Wait until you see what color she was her 3 year old year!!


  1. What a chunk she was ! The filly in my avatar and in a few posts on my blog is also a descendant of Dreamfinder Catch a Dream is her name .

  2. Yep!!! I keep records on the horses, and I still have records on two of our old horses who have been dead for eight years. Silly...I!!!

    Emma sure comes from some good looking Appy's!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! Emma is beautiful and who knows how much more beautiful she will be? What a fantastic looking bloodline. Take care.

    Christy Lee
    *~Petals and Pine~*


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