Monday, February 16, 2009

More on Emma......funny appy color pics

The headless horse can still see the dun factor barring on her withers. She also had cobwebing on her neck and leg barring, before we had the "whiteout" as I call it. These pics are from her 3 yr old spring.

The butt pic, she has a cute butt? yes LOL You can still see her line down her back here. Her tail has turned mostly white too.

This is her typical "give me dinner" look, LOL her mane is a lot lighter now, I love how she "spotted out" instead of roaning. My sister in-law makes fun of me when I take butt shots, LOL, they have Arabs,(and NSH's) and I guess you dont take butt shots of Arabs LOL but us stock horse owners know different, yes?

See Emmas mouth here, she squeaks her teeth, usually when she is talking to you, she is so funny.

And a back picture from up on the gate, the flash scared her, something we still have to work on. Her line down her back is pretty hard to see now, I am going to have a hard time convincing people she is dun and not chestnut LOL

I just want to get on and ride!!

This spring after shed out, I will have to take similar pics again, and compare,
I get a new color horse every year, I suppose she will eventually be mostly white as she ages.
Here she is at 4, at a clinic I went to with her, she didnt change a whole lot that year. I loved how the spots wrapped around her hock, here.
This is probably the best shape I have ever had her in, or me, where riding is concerned, I went to a Pat Wyse clinic and I tried to ride at least 3 times a week in the 3 months prior to the clinic. Whenever she was back at the trailer she had food in front of her, I believe in keeping them busy! that way they dont paw or pace or pull, while tied to the trailer, we had stalls to put them in at night, we were at the rodeo grounds in Longbeach, WA. The clinic was at the Red Barn, next door.
You look at her now though, and she is pretty darn white LOL she seems to be keeping her darker front legs and head, although she is pretty roaned on her face.


  1. Great pics! I love the big butt one. I like taking pics of my boy's hiney, too! ;)
    I think My Boy will roan out over time. He already has, but in another 10 years, when he is 25, I think he will be mostly white with copper points.

  2. Don't know if you saw my honorable mention on Sunshine but she was a changeable one too .Started out chestnit with snowflakes on her but and finished White ,a near lepoard!. It os always a treat to see what they will do .I was always told Appys will change until 5 ,but Sunshine just kept on going.Sure like the look of Emma.

  3. LOL I am beginning to think now that she will turn all white with red from the knees down LOL that gives me a funny picture LOL

  4. fernvalley, I dont know about the 5 thing, Emma has done most of her changing in the last couple years and she is 9!

  5. Oh also fv, my friend that I bought Emma from had a foal that was born a beautiful bay with a prefect blanket! and she turned into a leopard with tiger stripes on her ribs.

  6. Emma is really a nice horse! It was fun to see the photos of her from young to present. Really interesting to see the change in color!

  7. She's so pretty! More pictures, more pitures! :o)

  8. I'm really enjoying all these pictures of Emma as she changes!


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