Thursday, February 19, 2009

Team sorting night.......

The WAHSET team got together, those that do the cow events, and went to a place called the Silver Buckle Youth Equestrian Center. It is a wonderful place here in our county that provides horse instruction for youth, even if they dont have their own horse. It is mostly a volunteer ran organization. this goes to Silver Buckle, they have a temp host)

Here the girls are waiting for everything to be set up, Meghan and Carissa will be partners for team sorting for WAHSET. They had good timing going, one would go get a calf and as they brought it back the other was going to get another, their best run was 10 cows in 1:25, they have 90 seconds in WAHSET to pen their cows.

Go go go! the team is given a # 1-0 and have to bring the calves in, in numerical order, so if they got say #8 then #9, #0, #1 etc. as many as they can bring in the time aloud.

There were quite a few people there, and everyone had a good time, I didnt count but I think there were 10-12 teams and some mom and daughter teams switched with each other, ie more than one sibling came, it is for ages 8 and up! Everyone who rode paid $10 for 4 goes. Which around her to do anything with cows is a good deal!

I didnt realize how hard it would be to get a picture of the calves, old #5 here held still long enough.

Guarding the gate, the pen for example is an 8 shape with the gate in the middle, you have to take the calves from one pen to the other, without any of the ones you dont want following their buddies through or going back through to be back with their buddies.

Meg is guarding the gate and Carissa is getting a calf.
Well the girls had an absolute blast, good runs and the cows werent to sour, meaning they get used a lot and know the drill after awhile.

I had to through this pic in you may have to make it big to see, we were walking out to the truck after they were all done and I went around the corner, all these little pony stalls are on the backside of the arena, all their little heads were poking out, they were so cute! Mostly miniatures and a few shetlands, little fuzzy monsters! did I say they were cute!


  1. What an awesome fun thing to do! I'd like to try that one day, or at least watch my mare do it, with another rider. Where was this?
    What exactly does Wahset stand for?

    Awww, and all those fuzzy pony heads. hehe


  2. Hi Lisa,
    WAHSET stands for Washington High School Equiestrian Team, thus the abbreviation, its a wonderful program, the kids actualy letter in sports for horses!!!
    Here is the webpage in case you want to take a look each child competes and is judged individuly, except for team events, things like western eq, or huntseat take a long time to get through, there are set patterns that the child has to perform and it is the same for all three meets and state meet. (the patterns are on the website, and not easy!)so practice makes perfect! I wish this had been available with my older daughter, our high schoool is only in its 3rd year with the high school equestrian team program.

    And the team sorting, I want to do it next time! a lot of the parents rode that night, I didnt because of how bad of condition I am in after this last year, it probably would have killed me LOL. Monday they are doing steer daubing and roping, I will show that next week.


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