Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wedding pics part three........

Here are some more pics of the cute cute cake. Little canons and all the ropes and railing and the little guy in the first pic is little Patrick, Tobys son, done in sugar.

Here is a close up of the bride and groom on the cake Sara liked the treasure chest.

Here is the pavilion, and everyone waiting for the bride.

And Tobys dad walked her down the isle, because Dad couldn't be there. Her dress turned out beautiful, she had everything tailored to fit and the jacket special made.

Dad was there virtually! Courtesy of a Skype Video call, I held the computer up to he could watch the ceremony, they couldn't hear everything but got to see it all, pretty cool huh? Dad is on the right and my cousin was with him to see the ceremony.

Here they are saying their vows, it was a good ceremony and the officiator was funny and made everyone laugh.

And my baby is married, I still cant believe it!
Toby, Sara, Me and Meghan.
More pics to follow...........


  1. looks lovely ,what a beautiful dress!Can't wait to see more photos

  2. just found your blog, love your profile, I love Parelli too but haven't started anything, so glad you are doing well after your tumor, have had many in my family (although they say it is not hereditary) lost my mom to it when I was a teenager but that was almost 30 years ago, so much advancement in medicine now, wish you continued good health, took your quiz,that was fun, I'm a Mustang as well, how do you post this on the blog?

  3. Hello Maria, thanks for reading. Sorry to hear of your mom and a lot of family having to fight these brain tumors its not fun. I belong to a very very good group online for brain tumor survivors and thier families it is ependy@braintrust.org if you are interested just email the group and Bruce the moderator will send you a sign up. My tumor is realy rare in adults and this has been a great place for info and to ask questions. Just FYI :)

    To get the quiz onto my blog I copy and pasted it into my photo section on my comp and picked it up as a photo to post.


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