Monday, February 9, 2009

WAHSET exhibition run....

The High School Equestrian Team did an exhibition for the folks that dont get to go see them at meets, as the meets are a couple hours away. The kids did Huntseat, and Stockseat equitation, Reining, Drill team and some gaming events which included team Bi-rangle, poles, barrels and team canadian flags, it was a good day.

Unloaded and getting groomed and saddled up.

Some of the rest of the group.

Walking out to the Arena, it was a ways from the area where we had to park. The Team got permission from this barn owner to use his facility for the exhibition. This is probably the most beautiful private facility I have ever seen! The white fence is on the West and North side of the Arena.

This is the Arena, it is probably @120w x @200 long if not bigger than that! That is Mt St Helens over the top of the barn.

Meg and Rocket going into the Arena. The grounds are a work in progress, some mud and lots of gravel, everything is brand new! The Arena had sweet smelling cedar shavings inside.

The Drill team warming up and practicing before the exhibition.

A nice view of Mt ST Helens from the East side of the Arena. The building with the cupolas is the other horse barn, the building to the left is his shop, this is on the site of an old dairy so there are a lot of buildings behind us on the side where we parked too. Took shortcuts through the storage barns to the parking area, and I swear this guy has every farm toy known to man LOL ditchwitch, tractors, trailers etc. LOL The main house is hidden by the shop in this pic, to the left of the horse barn, I bet it is probably 5000sf. at least. Wealth like this is incomprehensible to me, I cant even imagine, having every toy you ever wanted, geez I supose I would do something like these folks have LOL

This is the East entrance to the arena, beautiful facility! This is the horse wash rack area. There were a few stalls in this end of the arena.

We all brought some kind of cookies or brownies or some such, and the Team provided hot chocolate and cider. There were quite a lot of people that came!

There was a round pen at one end of the Arena, and the kids warmed up in it.

A few pics from the Drill Team.....

Look at this Arena, isnt it just state-of-the-art it is almost as big as our County facility, and built out of the same steel construction, the story was that the owner created and patented some kind of underground auger for installing water and electric lines. He and his wife also have horses (obviously LOL) miniature horses and race horses, also some race cars, and we seen some classics when we used the restroom.

Here they are all done up in their Drill team outfit.

It was a good day, and I hear that they impressed a lot of people, so that is a good thing! After Drill Meg did Bi-rangle, poles, and barrels.


  1. Beautiful pictures and oh my a HUGE arena! WOW that would be sooooo great to have when it's cold, muddy, rainy, snowy or just plain hot out! I'll bet there are no horse flies in there either, we are plagued with them in the summer here, horrid creatures! Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  2. Looks like a great day. Wonderful facility! though I would not want the insurance or upkeep on a place like that ,rather travel a little way to "borrow" it

  3. WOW now that is an equestrian center!! What a treat. The weather looked great too. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I have a CD with vintage ephemera I bought. I love it I use it for my pendants, posts and other crafts.

  4. hello? I hope that comment posted? I got a call at the same time and I think I posted....heh heh

  5. I always love the pictures on your blog. I know you already got one but I'm giving you a friendship award. You have a great blog and deserved another. :o)

  6. Jane, with all the cedar that was in that barn I bet there are no bugs LOL

    fernvalley, insurance, payment, LOL Just the blasted property taxes!! LOL

    TW, ah so thats where you get them, where do I find it?

    Katharine, thank you!!!!


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