Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Actual pics of me riding Emma....

Here are some actual pics of me riding Emma, she was always so good, a couple of times she bucked when I lounged her, and oh man! I wouldnt want to have to ride her buck! straight up in the air 4' off of the ground, no kidding! she looked like a Lipizzaner! Going up would be fine its the landing that would hurt! LOL

She was pretty mellow on this day though.

This is our barn behind us, and the mobile that hubbys mom and dad put in, under a hardship, hubbys brother lives there now, as the folks have passed on.

For some reason blogger decided to put some of the pics on the left side today?? Ill go in and reset some stuff.

She has such a cute face, I was looking at her when I turned them out today and she has big white areas above her eyes, she will be lighter this spring when she sheds out.

Sara took these pics of us. I think it was cool and windy that day, thus the big puffy vest, that makes me look huge LOL. But I was warm.

And the neighbors ugly old barn in the background here LOL

I said in the post where I included her sire, that she has a much better chest than he does!
She is such a wild pony, not, LOL I think I had to go get something and wanted to take more pics, so I just let her stand there, she just watched and didnt go anywhere LOL
She is pretty fat in these pics, LOL but so am I, at least we match LOL

Sara is just watching her to see what she is going to do LOL she is like "are you done yet? I am bored"
Pretty face, I love this bridle that I got from Colorado Saddlery, the wide ends seem to suite her well, and that is my favorite Les Vogt snaffle, it is a heavy ring with sweet iron inlaid with copper, reg snaffle mouth. Every horse I have put it on really likes it, including Emma.

All done for the day, always checking for more food LOL she is such a piggy. Sara is riding Easy in the background, I miss having her at home, she was always my riding buddy, Meghan would rather ride alone, except for trail rides.
It was always a dream of mine, as a kid, to own a horse of this quality, and she has a great mind too, it feels a little funny saying that, I got a really good price on her of $1500. which isnt bad at all for what I got, if I do say so myself! I hope that doesnt sound conceded, it not meant to LOL


  1. You and Emma look good together. She looks good in that bridle, too!

  2. A good horse that you love and can trust is worth its weight in gold ,so I think you got a heck of a deal!

  3. Emma is a very pretty horse and such a sweetie to stand untied and wait for you. I don't think your comment sounded conceited at all! I have two great fillies and I am working on breaking the 3 year old so I will have a good mount someday. I like the sound of your bit I may look that up and see if my filly, Sandy, likes it. Thanks for sharing while you ride your lovely mare. Stop by my blog sometime and meet my little loves.

  4. That is a nice looking bridle. Emma is very pretty and what a good girl to stand 'ground-tied', too.
    I like the pics of the two of you together. :)


  5. Emma is beautiful. There is nothing like a good mare. Once you really bond with a mare and earn her trust they are loyal for life. I have two.


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