Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More wedding pictures, part 4........

Before the wedding, Sara showing us her dress, and Meghan and Leslie were blowing up balloons for decorating.
They blew up 25 balloons a whole package, boy did they get giddy LOL they were so funny.
And the top of the cake to save for the first anniversary.
Button detail and fabric of the dress jacket.More fabric detail and the wedding ring.

Sara, Meghan, and Leslie, they did look really pretty, even as pirates LOL. You can see the bust detail of Saras Jacket, there was a real lace up corset, and the Jacket laced up too. Took awhile to tie her into it LOL.

The bride and grooms table where they ate dinner.

Beautiful sunset towards Pikes Peak, on Friday night, it was like this every night.

This picture I couldnt resist, that is Pikes Peak in the background, and a non-flip off the bird LOL.
And I have cute pics of the llamas, I just have to figure out how to get them off of the hard drive of my camera, as I forgot to take my SD card out of the comp one morning.


  1. What a fun time! And I think the weather was good for you!


  2. Oh what a pretty dress. Congratulations. I love the cake, what a fun idea for a wedding.

  3. Linda, yes the weather was gorgeous, 58 on Sat.
    TW, ya it was a fun theme for a wedding, still it was kinda different, strange LOL

  4. I've been busy and am just getting caught up on reading my fav blogs!!! much can one person miss in less than a week!!!

    Congratulations!!! All of the photos tell a beautiful story. The dresses were beautiful and who'd a thought to do a pirate theme wedding...what fun!

    Sara is one tall drink of water...lovely...and looks just radiant...I'm sure your very proud.

  5. gtyyup, yes Sara is tall, 5"10", she gets that from my ex, he is 6'4". Saras older brother is 6'3", and Meghan who is my husbands and mine is 5'3", she is a midget compared to her half siblings LOL, I am not short at 5'7" so I feel short next to my older daughter. Sara and Toby seem very happy together, now she has to finish out her enlistment and she will go live in the same place as him, she goes to Iraq in April and will have another 6 or 8 months left in the Air Force when she comes back in Oct.


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