Friday, February 13, 2009

Dreamhorses surprise us sometimes......

Thats not a classic "Appy" head is it, but I am biased LOL
How many of us have ever gotten a horse that is or becomes your dreamhorse? I originally purchased Emma for my youngest daughter to ride, and they never have gotten along real well. I think they are to much alike LOL. I know I said I fell in love with Emma in her baby pictures, and I did, but I couldnt tell her personality from a picture. Betty was going to keep Emma for her personal riding horse, but financials and a divorce changed her plans. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to buy her for myself, yes I guess I will have to admit it, I did buy her for me, I did hope that my daughter would ride her too, but she hasnt ridden her a whole lot. She may ride her is this years fair though, that would be fun.
I said in my last post, you wouldnt believe what color she
was, she was so dark her 3 yr old year, and had a lot of
dun factor. Her little sister chewed off her tail, it took a
couple of years to grow back in.
Emma was the easiest horse the train to ride that I have ever had, that is the getting her under saddle part, she really doesnt have any desire to buck, not that she hasnt but not with anyone on her, she took to training very well, I couldnt do things fast enough for her, she would get bored, she caught onto new things with only a few repetitions, then we have to do something else, she amazes me at how smart she is and how laid back she is The first time I ground drove her she was weaving cones and looking for more. With my new disabilities and new way I will have to deal with my issues I think she will remain solid and not spooky and flighty, like my other two. I still have to deal with her exuberance of youth at times, she is not a dud horse by all means, and there are times she needs a bit of ground work before we can do something, which is normal I think. So I really look forward to riding her more, even with my disabilities, she is a horse that does not run when she spooks, she spooks in place, planting all fours LOL So I have high hopes of us doing a lot together over the years. I wont say she is perfect, but there are no perfect horses are there? She is an opinionated lazy pushy mare LOL but I do love her! But she also doesnt flinch when I stumble against her or do something unexpected, I love her quiet mind.
This is my all time favorite photo of Emma so
far, I was just spending time out in the pasture
with them and trying to get a few pictures.

So now as I enter a new chapter in my life, our youngest will be graduating from high school in June, this will be her last year of WAHSET (sniff sniff) I will be able to pursue my horse life again, with Emma. I am going to take lots of pics and let you all know how Meg does this year in WAHSET, so be prepared for that, the first meet is the last weekend of Feb., there are three in all. I also plan to join a NH group and meet with them regularly, after we get through all Meghans stuff!! I was worried I would run out of things to blog about when I posted my last horse, but I think I will have a lot to share will all of you still! And I still have the three horses, and all of their antics! Not to mention the Hubby, two dogs and a cat LOL! Heres to more blogging!!!


  1. Sounds practically perfect (for you)
    I like the look of that mare .Lookinfg forward to more photos

  2. What exactly does WAHSET stand for?

    My mare sounds a lot like your Emma: opinionated lazy pushy mare, but also very calm, level headed and not spooky or flighty. My mare has never ran from a spook either and until her sideways jiggy teleportation in December, I would have called her 'bomb-proof'. But like you said, no horse is perfect. I'll just need to ork on keeping a better seat, especially for any sideways moves. lol!

    Yay! To more future blogging from you!


  3. Lisa, WAHSET is Washington High School Equestrian Team, thus the initials LOL or up her in Oregon they have OHSET.

    Meghan is a Senior this year, this is only the third year that our high school has had a team, and Meghans second year, the first year her grades werent good enough!

  4. I am just so happy that people enjoy my blogging, you never know :)

  5. She's lovely! It's cute that you have taken a special liking to Emma, even though she was going to be your daughter's! :)
    I think her personality sounds ALOT like My Boy's! Except he is not pushy, but he is definitely opinionated! :)


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