Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday....

Ok I dont watch organized sports, unless a horse in involved LOL, but I do watch some NASCAR. I dont know why but it can be fun! The hubby he made hot wings and beer sausages, out in the garage, just to watch the race! So this is what we do on the weekends during racing season, and a lot of time friends and family come over too, and we have a garage full! cuz lord knows why we cant watch the race on the 46" big screen , but on the 27" in the garage LOL men, go figure LOL gotta love um though LOL

The first race of the season Daytona 500.

And Digger is kinda cute too LOL

Sausages in beer......

Hot wings.......

Little smokies in b-b-q sauce......yum, these are the daughters contribution LOL
AND...... drum role please....... the KING chair, my husbands favorite garage sale find, a barber chair, for $10, it is where he perchs in HIS garage LOL note the chips and the remote.

and the TV on top of the fridge, this is realy the "man" space, but I dont tell him that (LOL honey I love you LOL)

and this is the only reason I will go out there when it is so cold, the wood stove! and it puts out the heat! When we get a deer and cut up the meat we cook in the stove on the right side, with a cast iron skillet, yum yum!

So now all of you have seen the "man" space, without the man, he had to run up to the Moose Lodge for a quick emergency meeting, but he will be back!! and then maybe I will invade the "man" space he he he......
Matt Kenseth won the race, it was called do to rain, so wasnt a great race.

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