Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emmas full sister, Ester.......

This is M.P. Exclusive Dream, aka Ester. She is Emmas full sister. They look so much alike. Esters right hind sock is shorter and her blaze is narrower, and she got a bit more dusting of spots. Looking at her its hard to believe this is a yearling picture, look how short her tail is.

Betty was giving the foals biblical barn names. I had to ask her where she came up with them.

Was she ever striking at this color phase. She also is a red dun.

Here Betty is working her getting her ready for a show.

More dark spots on the butt, otherwise I would swear she was Emma, same color tail.

Cute girl., she was a little smaller here. probably a weaner in this pic.

Ester is now in Idaho in a dude string, she went through a couple different owners since she was first sold. Betty contacted the owners and asked about buying her back, but they wanted $3500. for her. So for now she didnt buy her. From what the Dude string owners said, she was one of their best horses. I can well believe it if she is anything like her sister in personality. They also said that Ester is almost completely white now.

ok blogger is still doing wierd things with the pics, any ideas?


  1. The pics are slow but they do come up .I think it is just a little glich ,kinda cause "snakes don't have armpits"thing

  2. Aww! She is so cute in those photos. What a looker!


  3. fv, LOL I havnt heard that one before, made me laugh LOL

    Lisa, ya would be great to have the two of them and have a matched pair.


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