Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emmas Dun Dreamin, cute baby pics....

Emma is my 9 year old Appaloosa mare. I started this story telling you I first met her in a picture, I have to say I fell in love with her then, little did I know. Emma has a baby book, with all her pics as she grew up, my Friend Betty started this when she was born. Betty and I became friends when I worked at the feed store, she was a regular customer and had a few broodmares and would show me pics whenever she had new foals. These pics are where I first saw Emma. Betty and I are still friends.

LOL we found her baby teeth in her feed bucket, and saved them.

Here she is on her first day on this earth. She was a chunk even on the day she was born! Betty is the one who got me started on feeding beet pulp, and she fed all her mares and creeped the babies with beet pulp, paying good attention to balancing the cal/phos ratio. Emma is a red dun, and her sire is a chestnut, after looking at all the paperwork, boy my memory failed me on that one, the mare is registered as brown I think, take a good look at her, above at the line down her back and below at the dun factor stripes she has. I would bet she is a smutty dark dun or grulla. I have never been able to find a good body picture of her sire Fistful of Dreams, he was injured young and I dont know if they just didnt want to show all of him or what, now I cant find any info about him at all, he was sold from WA to Texas a few years ago.
They are so sweet as foals. She has her little banky on, she needed it she was a January 10th foal!

Here at two weeks old she is already looking for more food! LOL She still is a touchy feely horse.

She had a big butt even at a month old.
This pic is pretty cute, love the raccoon eyes LOL

Emma was a character from day one, into everything and a pocket pony, she loves people! Her mama came off of the Sheldak ranch in South Dakota, and her Sir was a local Washington stud, he is a Dreamfinder -----son, actually after going through the paperwork he is a son of Dreamfinder, so Emma is a grandaughter!, closer than I thought, the dam is Bright Eyes Brother bred, for those of you that know Appy bloodlines.


  1. Panama lost his front baby teeth, top and bottom, last winter. Barn manager found one in the water tank and saved it for me. The next set ought to be getting loose soon and I'm looking forward to adding to my collection. :o)

  2. Awwww...what a cutie!!!
    Glad that your stomach problems turned out to be okay. Well, obviously not "okay," but nothing serious. :)

  3. OMG, those pics are so cute! Don't you just love baby foal pics? I have a few of My Boy, I feel so lucky to have them since I got him when he was 14!
    I know the Shedalk Ranch (of course- I have an Appy! ;) My Boy's grandsire was Dreamfinder, so Emma and My Boy share some bloodlines!
    P.S. Just curious, did either her sire or dam have any Appaloosa spots?

  4. Pony Girl,

    Her dam is solid, breeding stock, the sire, he is marked a lot like My Boy but red dun, and not as big of spots on his butt LOL I will try to find the one pic I have of him, for todays post.


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