Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunday, after the wedding.......

We woke up Sunday after the wedding to the carbon monoxide alarm going off, at 4am, we opened doors and widows and got ahold of the management. We reset the alarm and it did not go off again, of course it was in my livingroom area that it went off, most of the living areas in the b and b had natural gas fireplaces. We were up for about and hour and went back to bed. The owner manager lady immediately in the am put 2 new cm detectors back in, in the am, and we didnt have any other alarms go off.

So after we got up at around 7:30, we ventured out and cleaned up a little, put garbage in the dumpster and cleaned up the main lodge, as she had a group coming in at 2:00, we didnt scrub stuff but loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up all the garbage.

Then we went out to see and feed the llamas. They were cute, and more grumpy with each other than us LOL. She also had some chickens and a duck, and they all beg for food.
Here are Meghan and Leslie out in the front driveway, we found the dumpster down the drive aways.

And Leslie hauling out some of the garbage. Her Air Force training serves her well LOL. She is in weather with Sara in Texas, and they were together in South Carolina too.

We didnt know the llamas names, this one seemed to me to be the old one, at least that is how it acted, LOL didnt know their sex either, I think they are all geldings.

The one on the left was boss llama, and the one on the right looked younger, and the black llama was bottom of the totem pole.

Meghan was like "they better not spit on me!" LOL they were very friendly, and loved their llama pellets. We went back inside and had some lunch and waited for Sara to come take us shopping, no they didnt leave and go on a honeymoon, she said that would have to wait until she was back from Iraq. I think llamas have cool eyes, so big and dark, and they are so expressive with their ears.

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  1. Oh I like the "Boss" Llamas A paint! he he, I think they are cute too! Carbon monoxide? Scary! Glad you are all ok!


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