Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cavies, Guinea pigs, little rodents...

Meghan and I got asked to help a friend with her 4-H meeting. A cavy 4-H meeting! It has been a long time since Meghan did cavies in 4-H.

This one on the right was both of our favorite, because of her color.

This little red girl looks just like the first one Meghan had, she was only 4 years old when she got her cavy. Our fair is so small that they let her show her guinea pig and get a special great big rainbow ribbon for showing! LOL I think the ribbon was bigger than her, she sure was proud, and so was Mom.

These ones were huge, its hard to tell from the pic, most of them had these neat carriers for them.

The owner of the two large sows.

A long haired guinea pig. Meghan liked this one too, she had three different colors on her, toward her back end she has some red color.
We never had long haired ones, too much work!!!!!

This little one with the grey ears and nose and red eyes, reminded me of a californian rabbit, as they are that color too. The black and white one next to her is a male and he was talkin! They make a chuttering sound when they talk to the females, and he was being a flirt!

This is a cute pig!

Meghan petting one.

The group played Cavy tic-tac-toe, they answered questions to earn there mark on the game. I actually talked a little bit, which is still real hard for me with my speech impediment, but everyone seemed to understand me. I talked about cavy nutrition and the optimum protein and fiber in commercial food pellets, and the need for vitamin C in a cavy diet.

Isnt she cute, Meghan wanted to bring one home! LOL I told her no, when she moves out, she can have a cavy again LOL

She was cute too, behind her red gingham cage cover. There were 12
4-H members at the meeting, quit a lot, and it was a pretty good meeting, a lot of good kids and parents, as there usually is in the 4-H program! I did 4-H and all of my kids have done 4-H, I think it teaches valuable skills!
Well that was our Cavy/Guinea pig day!
After we left the meeting we went up to Wilco and bought some Peppers, very few to choose from :( and some Tomatos, I found my favorite heirloom variety, Cherokee purple, I will keep you updated with its progress! I also bought another dark tomato heirloom and a patio tomato and a bush Early Girl variety as these last three are in containers on the patio. Only found two hot peppers so will have to find more. Bought some seed Dahlias and one regular Dahlia, pics to come and seeds, marigolds and straw flowers, I am hoping the marigolds will help detour the voles in the garden this year? we will see LOL. Anyone have any other good ideas for repelling voles? darn things eat my cucumbers and squash, and dig things up, varmits!


  1. Oh, I love guinea pigs! My sister had three (consecutively, not simultaneously) when I was growing up. Such funny critters, and so much personality. I love the talkative ones!

    The timing of your post is funny -- just tonight, I read a book about guinea pigs to the kids I babysit for. Should I take this as a sign that I should adopt a guinea pig? I'll bet my husband wouldn't like that interpretation at all... ;o)

  2. P.S. The verification word was "papetca." See, I am being given signs -- the word "pet" is in there!

  3. LOL Katherine, Gpigs are very funny critters! Awe I bet your husband would like them if he spent time around them! They are kind of endearing when they whistle when they hear the lettuce bag! LOL

  4. Ha. No, it's not that Michael doesn't like guinea pigs, it's that he thinks we have enough pets already. I guess with two cats and two big dogs, he probably has a point. :o)

  5. Yeah, Katharin, we downsized and didnt get anymore small animals after they died or got given away. We are down to 3 dogs(Luxor leaves for school on the 14th, so that will be 2 )1 cat, and the 3 horses. My husband would rather not have any of them.

  6. How cute! After our dogs pass we are done. We'll always have cats for the mice, but I'll never have another dog.

  7. Great post! I used to be involved in Cavy rescue and at one time had 12 piggies in the house. They were so much fun. We had all breeds and colors. We had huge cages for them to play in with all sorts of tunnels. And the cavies we had in the kitchen were the most fun. Each time the fridge would open, they'd all go "WHEEK! WHEEK!" 'cause they knew that fresh veggies and fruit were coming out to them. hehe!
    Oh and plastic bags always got them excited, too.

    Alas, we adopted all of them out but, two and they have both passed on now.
    We have enough critters to take all out time for now. But the piggies sure were sweet and such fun.

    The 4H activites sounded great for all the girls. We like 4H, too, though we've yet to do animals yet. Isn't that strange? lol!
    My boys are too interested in other things, like leatherworking and photography.

    I didn't know that your health problems also included speech impediments. That's go to be challenging. My brother is dealing with that and it makes it so hard at his job for people to understand him.

    Thanks again for all the sweet comments you leave for me on my blog. Though I can never truly understand what you're going through with your disabilities, I can relate just a little.

    I too feel bored and get so depressed and frustrated that I'm not able to to do the things I want to. I know most of it is just temporary and that eventually I will, God willing. I

    But I also have disabilities (neck discs and hip displasia) and found daily activities challenging even before this knee trouble started.
    I haven't been able to work a job for years because sitting for long periods causes me discomfort, but I can't do repetitive lifting either.
    Not many people know about my other health issues, because I try not to focus on them. "Out of sight..out of mind", right? hehe

    I try not to let those things get in my way of doing what I desire, but then they remind me through painful episodes that I am truly limited. It stinks.

    ((HUGS)) for you :)


  8. Not such a fan of the Guinea Pigs, but wow ,trust you to have them and do it well , your kids must be so proud to have you as a mom ! what a role model !

  9. Jocelyn, ya sometimes having a lot of animals can be ovewhelming.

    Lisa, You are so sweet! Yes my brainstem surgery left me with a partial paralized tounge. I worry about going back to work someday, all I have done for the last 20 some years is work with the public, and now that I am hard to understand....it is hard. Sometimes I think I am physically ready, but with the way I talk I dont know if I could do it.

    FV, not everyone likes Gpigs LOL, Thanks for the compliments!

  10. Pam, my husband loves the pets we already have, he just doesn't want more! So I guess I'm lucky in that respect.

    Lisa, I had no idea about your other disabilities. Bravo for you for being such a fighter. I know way too many people who would have given up having a life at all by now!

  11. Oh! Lisa, our guinea pigs did the same time every time we opened the fridge. Except it sounded to us like they were saying, "MEEEEE! MEEEEEE!" LOL

  12. I was in guinea pig heaven looking through your post. I can look, but not touch. I'm allergic.

  13. NM, yes Guinea pigs are very allergenic, the have a lot of dander and hair. So if someone is allergic to cats or dogs, dont get a Guinea pig.


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