Sunday, June 21, 2009

Graduation Party....

We had a good get together on Sat. for Meghans Graduation.
Good food,
Good people.
Hubby spent all day on Fri. smoking pork ribs, 53 lbs worth! I made potato salad and had a couple of that Amish friendship bread loaves that I cut up. People brought mac salad and baked beans and vegies and watermelon mmmm mmmm good stuff!
Hubby had a little incident with the smoker though, the wind kept blowing the burner out, it is propane, and after relighting it for the 4th time or so, he didnt wait for the excess propane inside the smoker to dissipate before he re lit it....pushed the button to re lite, and boom!!!! knocked him on his butt.... he is fine, and its a good thing Meghan and I were not home! Or maybe not LOL but at least he wasnt hurt, finished smoking without a hitch after that, and they turned out wonderful!! Meghan and I had gone to the store for some more groceries.
Carissa, Nancy, and Meghan, good pic., Nancy is Meghans boyfriend Davids, Mom.

LOL my little second cousin Justin, he wouldnt smile for me to take a picture....

Until his uncle John reminded him about some "bug" thing, inside joke, LOL and he got this little grin.

Meghan, me, my favorite Uncle John, and Hubby.

Great Grammie Isabel, she is 96! and cousin Liz, Judy and middle bro in law.

Nancy, David and Teddy, and Meghan. I dont know what David was doing to the little old man Teddy, but....made me laugh.

Meghan got a lot of cards and some gifts, she had a good time. I was cold and breezy, but at least it only sprinkled a few times. We were up until 1:00am! I am to old for that LOL, had a good time and good food, and good company.


  1. Wow! looks like you all had a good time, oh, the ribs sound yummy! Oh, my goodness, glad you husband wasn't hurt!!! Bet that was scary!!!
    Congratulations to the graduate!!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  2. Happy Graduation!



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