Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More wandering around the yard....

Ok so I went out a played with my camera. Boy do the settings make a difference! LOL Duh. This was washed out, it is the first clematis bloom this year.

Hmmm still to white.

This one I like, and it shows the true color! Isnt it gorgeous.

ooooo yeck! LOL

Way to dark but pretty.

still to white.

I like this one too, it was hard to get the color right, I took a lot of pics (more than I posted lol)

I added the can for some interest, hmmm.

These are my favorite seed Dahlias. I bought two of them, I would even love them more if they could make them blue or purple LOL I love the double flower.

And the Beans and peas and cucumbers I planted last Tues are up! They must be happy!

We have Red Hot Pokers all over the yard, they were my father in laws favorite.

This is a native Arum, a stinky plant, that spire in the middle will be the flower, is is a dark blood purple. the flowers when mature are 14-16 inches long! or longer! no kidding, I have not been able to identify the type of Arum, so anyone that knows more I would love to find what it is. The leaves grow in a circular pattern. It is growing under the Tulip tree. What I have learned is that there can be local varieties not seen elsewhere.

The cat was helping me take pics.

She wanted attention, this is Amber, she is 11 years old, and one heck of a good mouser!

I love angel wing begonias. I plant some every year in memory of my mother in law. The color is so vibrant!

This one was to bright for the camera!

This is a 30+ year old white Calla Lilly! My Hubbys grandma planted it when she lived out behind the house in her own trailer. There are still snowball and a white and a purple Lilac trees around the yard that she planted too. The brown stuff is slug bait, darn things love to eat Callas. It is in another clay sewer pipe and it gets about 3 feet tall! and it has had 5-8 blooms on it!

I think I have some volunteer hot pepper plants, just wish I could remember what variety was planted in this pot LOL

One of my potted tomatos, with its Dahlia. Those Dahlias are only supposed to get 6-8 inches tall and wide.

The two pepper plants I found, still have to get more. I want two in a pot for pollination.


  1. ah did i never tell you i found out what that arum was? i did a lot of searching on mid shift are work and i found it online. it a a Dragon Arum. Dracunculus vulgaris
    so now you know : )

  2. I did some more looking it has a bunch of colorfull names other than Dragon Arum,
    Voodoo Lily, Ragons, Snake Lily, Black Arum, Black Dragon, Dragonwort, & Stink Lily.
    stink lily sure fits lol

  3. Hey Sara, Ya I have seen the Dracunclus vulagris, but I thought it was slightly different, the leaves or something, its been awhile LOL
    Good to know you are still checkin up on your ma, kid!
    Love you


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