Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Graduation Commencement Photos....

Meghan and Luxor going across the stage to get Meghans diploma. He was a perfect gentledog throughout the whole thing.

Meghan and her cousins, Zac and Steve. They are my cousins boys.

These are the graduates from Washougal High School that are going into the military.
Thank you all for serving!!!

LOL Luxor looks like a Bloodhound in this pic LOL and one orange and one blue eye LOL

I caught Luxor peeking around Meghan in the middle of the crowd. He has the sweetest face, I wonder if he was wondering why everyone was dressed like him LOL

Waiting in the crowd after the ceremony

Here they are in the line waiting to go across the stage.

And here is the Steve from the previous picture, he graduated this year too! and his parents Jackie and my cousin Matt. Proud of their graduate!! Steve said on Facebook he was voted class clown LOL


  1. So nice to see the next group of young adults graduating and starting thier new lives ! Megan is a beautiful girl! Moma , you must proud .

  2. And even the guide dog trainee got to graduate! Hip Hip HooRAY!



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