Monday, June 22, 2009

What to Blog about and dogs and horses! oh my LOL

Isnt this just the cutest Dahlia, had to have it when I seen it LOL.
Well what to Blog about tonight, I keep practicing with my camera, this flower was really hard to take pics of, it is still washed out a little it has more color than the camera would pick up.

Bi color roses are my favorite, and I hate roses LOL only because they are a lot of work to keep them looking nice.

Rich red succulent roses, they were very neglected last year as I was unable to go out and prune and weed them and put their food on them.

Teddy checking out the world.

At least his little nose still works, he has cataracts now, sometimes he has a hard time and sometimes you wouldnt know.

And the horses are fat and very sassy! LOL Meghan got an offer from her boyfriends mom to pay for her first semester at collage, in exchange for working for her this summer. They own a couple of houses in a small town an hour and a half or so from here. So she left tonight to go work. They grow up so fast! It will be good for her.

Did I say the horses were fat! LOL Mickey looks like she is pregers LOL she isnt. Things are quiet around here tonight, Hubby is working swing, went out and fed and brushed all three horses, they are content, if a little itchy LOL Mickey is terrible she insists that you scratch her belly, she will walk up to you and stop with her flank by you and look at you LOL scratch me! She is a good old mare. Easy is her normal trim self though, she looks good and has dapples now, I will have to get a good pic of her, she took longer to shed out this year, I assume its age, just on her sides and throatlatch area and legs, she is all slicked off now, except for her legs.
Now that we are done with graduation, time to start riding!!!! It will be good for me to get out and feed morning and night, Meghan has been feeding since her sister left, and before that Sara fed them. So now I am going to do it! Get my lazy butt out there and feed them am and pm LOL it will be good! Of course I have always checked on them and fed when the girls have been gone doing something. I will have to get used to it now, with all the kids gone or doing their own thing.
Wow we are empty nesters!

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Emma doesn't look like she's missed any meals! Im hoping that star pus on weight at her new home...


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