Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big projects, getting ready for grad party....

Wow we havnt seen all of the patio in awhile, the kennel was here for Luxor and tables and bbqs and... it was a mess. It is a lot cleaner now! And I probably wont be able to move my arms tomorrow!! Still a lot of clean up to do, but slowly getting there.
I want to put tables and chairs out here, weather permitting!

Our new toy, a 2000psi pressure washer courtesy of our pocket book and Home Depot. It works great!! The patio hasnt been pressure washed since the last time I did it probably 3 years ago, before I got sick.

A tangle of 2 hoses and extension cords LOL

And what it is doing for the Hottub patio!! wow, still have about 3/4 of this patio to do, but lookin good. Its kinda cool, instead of being a flat spray like every other pressure washer I have used, it is a rotating circle, you can see that in the edge where I stopped. Graduation on Saturday, outside, its supposed to rain! I hope not! We will have to wait and see! So far they are not planning on moving it inside! Meghans grad party is on the 20th, so we still have a week to get everything in shape.

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  1. Oh what fun!! You must be so proud of your children and their accomplishments. And what a great idea to have the grad party at your house - a great reason to get things cleaned up, and no worries about where or what the kiddos are up to. Good thinking momma!!


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