Sunday, June 14, 2009

Luxor went back to Guide Dogs for the Blind today.

Luxor rode on Meghans lap all the way down to the guide dogs campus.

The campus down in Boring is absolutely gorgeous! The dogs are so well taken care of.

Walking into the kennels and the kitchen area where we were supposed to drop off Luxor.

This is a really cool cat that greeted us inside, Chester, he is huge!

Luxor meeting Chester.

Luxor got weighed, he is 64lbs.

Luxors name on the recall board.

And with tears in our eyes :)::::::::::::
we had our last glimpse of Luxor as the attendant took him off to the kennel and his new life.
This is the hard part of raising a dog, having to give them back, Luxor is a wonderful dog and he should do well, he has been exceptional in all his evaluations, so much so that they are going to probably use him as a breeder. He will live the life of Riley, and get the best food and accommodations that can be provided for a dog. After his career is over, which could be a few years, Meghan will probably get the opportunity to get him back as a pet. That day will be waited for. We all had tears in our eyes, and taking him back was hard, but he will be fine and we will get beyond the hard feelings. I look forward to hearing how he does in his training, as Meghan should get updates from the club leader every month.
We went to VooDoo Doughnuts after we dropped off Luxor, oh man what yummy unusual decadent.... more tomorrow


  1. So sad! you all are troopers doing this for Luxor and the guide dog people. Hugs to you !

  2. Luxor is such a handsome boy. That's so wonderful of your daughter to raise a dog for them. How much training did you guys give him, and how much of it will the organization give him?

  3. Thanks fernvalley!

    Katharine, actually the puppy raisers only raise them untill they are 14-16 months,(we had Luxor a little longer, he is 19 months old) they learn the normal things, sit stay down, etc. Raisers attend a monthly meeting with their puppy and you take them to public places to get exposed to everything!For example Luxor went to school with Meg every day, and he went to the grocery store, and restaurants, and he even visited me several times in the hospital, he went to a WAHSET event with us too! He did a lot with Meghan, she had him for 16 months. He is an exceptional dog, and even the air horns the other night at graduation did not phase him. He will be missed.

  4. Your family has given an amazing gift to someone...I cried when I read your post. I drive by the Seeing Eye Dogs for the blind daily (I live in Sandy) Your Daughter must be a very special girl. I hope mine grows up to be so giving someday! You must be doing it ALL Right!!

  5. Thank you Heather! The Guide dogs program is very special. We had the opportunity at an awards ceremony for horse stuff, to actually meet a blind lady that had a dog, his name is Frontier, she thanked us for raising Luxor, that was pretty special!It is what makes it all worthwhile! We have been told that if Luxor passes all his physical exams, it pretty lengthy! and his preliminary schooling, he will be makeing a bunch more little Luxors He he he, LOL I love thinking about more like him, he is a special dog, and not just because we raised him, but because of the Guide dogs breeding program, He is an exceptional dog he has a good good mind.

    Thanks for saying we are doing it right, I am blessed to have 3 wonderful kids!

  6. Well give her a hug from a HUGE FAN! She should talk to my 12 year old daughter! Wait no, Cj would want to raise one and I don't think I would have the heart to give it back!!!!

  7. What a sad day for you...but the beginning of his wonderful life ahead. Congrats to Meghan for a job well done.


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