Friday, June 5, 2009

Last puppy meeting, and Senior puppy raiser recognition....

Thursday night we had the last Guide Dogs group, puppy meeting with Luxor. :( We are getting down to the wire. Thursday afternoon Meghan had her Senior panel and earned a 72.2 out of 75 pts! 50 pts is a pass. So she did well!!
We are going car shopping for Meghan tomorrow, the '91 Bronco she has been driving has finally decided to quit again, it blew the head gaskets again, we had it fixed last year so she could drive it, soooo we are going shopping for a little car.

There were a lot of people at the meeting last night, the group honored all of the graduating Seniors that are in the club.

They each got a nice Guide dogs frame with their picture in it, and they had cake for them. There were four other Seniors there with Meg. I think there is a total of eight in the club.

Yummy cake, white with chocolate filling.

That is Meghan and Luxor in the upper right, it is a picture of him with his bunny ears on at Easter '08, Meghan and Hubby brought him to the hospital with his bunny ears on to see me.

A short puppy training session.

Waiting for cake.

After we had cake they traded puppies, Meghan got Virgil, he was good for her.

This little girl was just pretty!

And Virgil, he looks like a Virgil doesnt he LOL it was a good night and a long day for Meghan, but a successful one! She slept a lot better with her project all done!

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