Monday, June 15, 2009

Portland, VooDoo doughnuts....

LOL this isnt the doughnut shop, but I have heard that this pub has great food, I love the sign. There are tons of quaint little pubs, taverns and restaurants in this area of Portland Or.

Our first glimpse of VooDoo doughnuts. We actually heard about them on the food channel on cable, they have been featured on several programs, so we had to go investigate. Cute little delivery "truck" in the parking lot.

Quaint inside, lots of artwork and flyers pasted all over. T-shirts for sale.

They have vegan doughnuts! The one on the right back is one I got, the dirty bastard, LOL that is its name LOL, Meghan got the one in front with the fruit loops on it.

Their menu, interesting names for stuff LOL LOL

This is a close up of the dirty bastard. Which I am going to eat today, I had a medical test today, and had to fast this morning!

A smilely

This is the Memphis, a banana fritter with choc, choc chips and peanut butter drizzled over the top, wow is it rich! but gooooood!

Some of the quaint artwork.

Racks of VooDoo doughnuts.

and we went home with some Memphis, and dirty bastards LOL LOL The one doughnut we went after they didnt have Sunday, darn it, a maple bar with bacon on it! You have to go see the website it will make you laugh and drool!!! http://http//
There are two VooDoo shops in Portland we were at the second one on Davis st.


  1. I saw this place on Man vs Food! I want so bad to try the Bacon Maple, too!
    The VooDoo donut is so funny!

    Lucky you getting to viit there. I want a donut! lol!


  2. Hey Lisa, ya we seen VooDoo doughnuts on Anthony Bourdains show, and decided then we had to go there! I still want the maple w bacon bar!! Ah darn that means we have to go back he he he!

  3. Okay... this does look like it beats the heck outa Krispy Kreme's hot- now- fresh one even!
    Gotta try it..davis street huh..okay will do!

  4. Oh ye! Kacy, do go to the website too, it is really funny. Both shops are right off of Sandy blvd, not that far from each other.


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