Friday, June 19, 2009

Chidhood horse memories!

Gizards and calf fries,, is having a fun give away of a to die for necklace on her blog. She wanted people to share some horsey memories, here are a couple of mine that I shared.... because they made me smile!

I would guess we were about 8-9 years old, me and my girlfriend Patti. We used to go out and ride our ponies all day long, We lived on those ponies during the summer when school was out! She had a little silver dapple Shetland mare named Misty, and I had a Chestnut Welsh/Shetland gelding named Pepsi.
One day we met to ride and it was really foggy, so foggy you couldnt see more that 50 feet. We lived about a mile from each other and rode all the time. About halfway in between our homes was a hay field, with rolling hills, we started riding and playing hide and seek in the fog, and we played bale off your pony. Yes we would fall off on purpose and keep a lead rope in our hand so the ponies wouldnt get away. They didnt, most of the time LOL. The memories, we had a lot of fun times.

I have another cute one.

My girlfriend Traci, and I had been out riding our ponies, On another wonderful sunny day of summer vacation, she on Jody a sorrel pinto Welsh gelding, and me on Pepsi, we had ridin all morning and Traci had to be home, so we were headed home when she realized she had lost her new riding crop. Well she was devastated, her dad had told her not to lose it before we left, now she was scared too!
We got home and put the ponies away and met out by the road, we were next door neighbors. We sat on the side of the ditch for hours, as her dad wasnt home from work yet, well she disappeared for awhile and came back and it seems she had put on 5 pairs of pants! in anticipation of the spanking she would get when her dad got home! LOL
Well her dad got home a little while later and let her stew outside for awhile, then called her in, and told her that putting on 5 pairs of pants was punishment enough LOL
I can imagine the laughter he was trying to hide when he told her this!

Its funny how something brings up old memories, and these are good ones for me! We lived on horseback during summer vacation when we were growing up, I used to share my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with my pony, which we would pack before we left each day and put in our little backpacks! Eventually we graduated to the large horses, but kept riding during those long wonderful summer breaks. During the days when a kid could roam the county on horseback and still be safe, Mom would know something had happened if our horse came home without us! Which didnt happen often, oh the days!
Before all the people and traffic in this area. My kids couldnt have done that when they were young, taking off and riding the roads to friends houses, to much traffic.

I would love to hear some of your favorite memories too!

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  1. Some of my best memories are with Catana ,either the day she earned her "mountain title" The Shortcut Appy , making a break for it straight up a side hill and leaving everyone in the dust ,or trying to sample my lunch on a break on a trail ride fundraiser for cancer, I was sitting leaned agaist a tre and she was standing between my feet trying to steal my granola bar!


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