Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am thinking.... Beautiful dogs, beautiful souls....

I am thinking, about raising a Guide Dog puppy myself. If I do it I want to wait until fall, so we can go trail riding and stuff this summer and not have to worry about a puppy. What do you guys think? Should I? It is a lot of commitment, with Luxor Meghan did all of it except when she needed a puppy sitter, or Mom and Dad to watch him for awhile :) As long as I am not working at least I could do something worthwhile.
These dogs are so wonderful and special, I have never seen anything like it.

Marimba, (third pic)they do get attached to the handler too, I wonder how Luxor is doing, knowing him, he is taking everything in stride.

Beautiful animals

Patience is a virtue taught to them.

They say the first is the hardest.

Yellow, Black, Male, Female, you do have some say in the choice.

And a dog with a most beautiful soul, He is much missed.
Luxor. 409P.
(((wiping tears)))
Damn dog.... LOL


  1. That sounds like such a noble cause .I don't know if I could handle it giving them back , you and Megan are so brave! Probably just the right lady for the job,having done it before and able to put the benifit of the guide dofg and potential person in need ahead of you r emotions . Proud to know ya girl!

  2. Thanks fernvalley, it isnt easy, but a very worthy cause.

  3. Oh my!! I am in total agreement with you that they are amazingly noble and kind and have wisdom beyond explanation. Just cannot say enough wonderful things about these gorgeous and blessed animals. They must be cherished by the people they are committed to - they empower people and give them freedoms that they would otherwise never even have except in their dreams. But...I just don't know if I would be strong enough to let them go. Selfish, I know. It would rip my heart out. You're probably right, if you can do it once, then the following times might be easier.
    I'm sure your life would be blessed even for having them share a small portion of their lives with you. They are beautiful.

  4. I have never had a dog look at me with such intelligence,(like the picture on my sidebar) and then turn around and just be a dog....it defies explanation. They do warn you about how smart these dogs are.Hmmm now that I think about it, it could be addicting too.Hmmm


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