Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeding time, Horses and daisies....

Well the pasture tells me it is early summer, even though the temperatures dont. We are supposed to get up to 80degrees this next week. Then it might feel like summer!

The old mare. Easy. aka Pines Bundle. No one could ever figure out a nickname from her registered name, so it became Easy, as in Eeeaasssy girl, LOL she is a little high strung, running quarter, and Poco Pine is her grand sire. She has been a good horse. She is a really hard keeper though. She gets 8 cups of Vitallity 14, and 4 cups(dry) of beet pulp, soaked, twice a day, and of course her hay with some alfalfa too. She has been talking to me when I bring her the grain.

The grain usually ends up all over the place, usually I try to put the hay leaves around her grain feeder so that she eats all of it off of the hay too, messy old girl LOL. I had her teeth checked, and the Vet said "I would float her teeth, if she had any to float" LOL she still has her uppers, but only about a 1/4 inch on the bottom, so she gets her mash and what hay she can eat. Funny thing is she doesnt quid yet, I suppose she will when she does lose teeth.

She looks pretty good right now for 24 years old.

And one of the fatsos LOL they only get one leaf of orchard grass right now, that will change when the pasture dries up some and they are not getting anything out of the grass.
I have an old Breyer horse I have had since I was a kid, she looks just like it LOL It was a Quarter Horse family, all I have left are the Mare and the Stallion.

"What ya doin mom?" Just taking pictures of your fat butt honey, LOL

Why are daisies such a happy flower, weed LOL daisies with a sprikling of hay.

Appy butts drive me nuts....Appy butts dr.... oops got carried away there LOL LOL One fuzzy Appy butt.

Emma was like " what are you doing, you are interfering with my dinner" Cute spotty face that she is.

Appy perspective, usually involves food!

She looked at the camera and smelt it and said " not food, hmmfff".

And a front view, look at that chest! I can fit my spread out hand in there with room to spare! sorry flies and all LOL, they werent too bad today, I try to spray them every morning, the RepelX I use is suppose to have some residual, although it is water based.
Thanks for going out to the pasture with me.


  1. Fun tour . And your Easy girl looks wonderful! you are doing it right !

  2. "Looks pretty good"??! Easy looks FANTASTIC for not having much in the way of teeth! I would never have guessed if you hadn't told us! You are obviously very in tune with your horses' needs, for her to be in such good shape. Bravo!


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