Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meghans new car....

Wow I cant believe this is my 200th post! cool! and a big thanks to all of you for keeping me going, this blogging thing has been fun!
We left home Sat. morning at around 9am we didnt get home until after 7pm, a long marathon car shopping day. We stopped at the bank first, and noticed that across the street....

There was an antique tractor show! Wat fun, but since we were on a mission we didnt stop. You could hear an old popper running though with the window down!

There were a lot of tractors.

Looked like everyone was having fun!

We stopped at a lot of car lots, and one private owner, this is one that she test drove, price was right but it has a salvage title, not what we wanted, it drove nice, a 2002 Ford Focus.
I think Hubby said we only drove 60 miles but it took us 7 hours! LOL and we looked at a lot of Ford Focus's! That was what Meg wanted, her older sister has one and her older cousin too, and they both like them. Also it was the one she could see out of the easiest, as she is small, only 5'2 3/4, some of the cars were just to rear end high for her to see out the back window. We have done a lot of looking on Craigs list, and seen a few that looked good, the above one not being one of those, sounded good but in reality it was pretty beat up and had parts missing etc.

So back on Craigs list after we got home and this one kept coming up, so Hubby finally called the guy. We drove @40 miles to test drive it.
Here they go, another test drive. The only other one that we even found that we liked was a white one, an '03 with 100202m on it. But it had manual windows and door locks, and Meg wanted electric windows. It had been the best one so far. Until today!! We left home after we had Emailed this guy last night and he sent a reply back to not call until after 10:30, so we waited.... called and set up the time to drive down to look at it, and this time it paid off, uh, well, for him LOL.

Here is Meghan texting a pic of her new car to her boyfriend!

Dad doing the paper work! and the money part LOL

And Meghan with her new, to her, 2002 Ford Focus with only @70thou miles on it and it was in really good shape! It has power everything. Clean on the inside, it even smelled good! no cig burns in the upholstery! As with all used cars there are a few minor things the seat was a little bent and the center console was loose, it had had a little front end damage, but he had all the grill parts, It had all been repaired. The air bags never were set off. and a bump to the rear bumper too, not much, but it has a clear title, meaning no totaling by being wrecked! And we got it for $3900.!!! a bit less than the ones we had looked at the car lots! whew! we found one, and its a pretty color, a gold beige. All of them at the car lots were white, white, red, blue and an occasional green, with a lot of problems most of them. I sure am glad we found a private seller, he bought it new himself so he knew all about the car, which is nice.
Meghan has her first "car" she is happy! Now to get all the paperwork done!

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  1. Congrats Meghan , looks like a great little car!
    Congrats Mom on 200 posts! they have all been terrific!


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