Friday, June 26, 2009

Riding Emma....

I love Emmas color, I hope she doesnt get to much whiter. I rode her today bareback for about 20 min. Boy am I out of shape!!! I will probably be sore. I worked with her on the ground for a little while, then bridled her and stepped on a bucket and climbed on LOL She was good.

My legs said "what the heck are you doing?" I really have to get out there more, I am hoping, now that there is nice weather : ) to get out there at least 3 time a week, even if I only ride for 15-20 minutes, until I get in better shape, at the rate I have been going a trail ride will kill me LOL so I need to ride to get both us fat butts in shape LOL alas no one was around so I could get proof I rode LOL LOL

Aarrgg the flies were aweful! So sticky! I sprayed her with fly spray twice they were so bad, just the regular house fly kind. They kept sticking on my arms and the back of my neck. I hate flies LOL
Time to get fly masks out, if she will leave hers on!

Emma couldnt figure out why I was making her stand around and do nothing LOL
Taking pics of a mostly white horse, I need to change settings when I take her pics, the sun was so bright though, I couldnt see the LCD, to see how they were coming out. I could photo shop them, but these are straight out of the camera.

Oh then something at the neighbors caught her attention.

She is very soft in this bit. It is a mullen mouth sweet iron, I love the D's on the side, makes it nice when you are doing training, you run the rein up and out of the D and then you can use a martingale if you want, or just direct rein. This bridle is really wide, I love it on her, she is big enough to show it off, and not look funny.

Close up of the bit. I prefer split reins when I ride. I also will ride her in a weighted, sweet iron, round ring, Les Vogt, smooth snaffle, (some description LOL it is the one in my title pic, but on a diff. bridle now) but for some reason I couldnt find it. She likes this bit though. Will have to ask Meg, and hunt for it hmmmm....
What do you all ride with? Split or closed reins, when you ride western.


  1. Ohhhhh I totally know what you mean about being sore. I was there not long ago so I can sympathize. :o) I hope it's not too bad. My remedy -- ride some more. If you ride every day, after a few days you won't be sore anymore!

    As for what I ride in -- I ride English, with closed rains and a regular snaffle.

  2. Depends on the horse ,right now riding Johnnie in D ring copper mouth snaffle with split reins , as he progresses and begins to neck rien consistently I will switch to my rommel rein. I only chane the bit if required for a show or Iif I know absolutely I don't need direct contact , then I have an old nickel plated low port curb.Emma looks great !

  3. I'm a bit wary of using closed reins after reading about various trail riding accidents where a horse fell and got tangled in closed reins. All of my reins are split, except I have an odd pair of short, braided reins that came with a dressage started kit, and I keep them partially buckled so that I won't drop them with my weak hands. However, I say partially buckled, because the horse could easily break them apart if caught on something. I noticed that most of the clinicians at the Western States Horse Expo used closed rope reins, probably because they needed to keep both hands free to gesture to the crowd.

  4. I need to learn more about different kinds of bits and in what way they used and for what reasons. I've yet to find a website that covers bit lessons. hehe!
    I only used a dr. cook's bitless bridle on Baby Doll, and very rarely a jointed snaffle. The snaffle made our communication a little bit easier, but she would shake her head and play with it a lot.
    The bitless caused problems when she was being headstrong, which was everytime we went out. We'd end up in a tug-of-war battle. And my shoulders and arms would be screaming when I got home.
    I always ride in split reins. I just like the options and feeling of more control. I can sometimes knot the split reins and use them as closed-rope reins, too.

    You'll get into the swing of things the more often you ride. You're lucky that you're able to find the time to ride, too. Emma looks gorgeous in her bridle. She's just one pretty girl.


  5. I was just curious about what type of reins that people are useing. I have found through the past couple years with Meg in WAHSET, that all of the gaming and cow type events use a closed rein, or roping rein,(it was actually required, along with a breastcollar) and show will use Rommals and sometimes split reins. Over my years of riding I have developed a liking for split reins, and I just havnt been seeing them much lately.

    Lisa, I worked for a local feed store and bought all their tack for 6 years (worked there for 7 yrs) so I have learned a lot about bits. I miss it, but I dont miss the stress LOL Bits are better for me than diamonds LOL I would be a bit and tack whore if I had the money LOL "just cuz they are pretty hehehehe" LOL LOL
    I could probably come up with a lot of money if I go through all my stuff, now that the girls are done....hmmmm LOL

  6. If anyone is interested I can put together a bit post, basically there are only three types of bits, with various half breeds and modifications,and severitys.
    Let me know, it would probably take a few days to put together and find all the pics.
    If you all say yes I will do it.

  7. I think the bit post is a great idea! I'd be very interested in learning more about bits!

  8. Ohh a bit post would be cool. Also if you would post about bits that you are getting rid of if you decide to downsize. I have no problem buying pre owned bits to support my bitaholic habit. Then I like to have headstalls for each bit....

  9. You have an award...come visit my spotted awesomeness to pick it up.

  10. Enjoyed this and reading the comments. I'm diggin' her headstall! Looks lovely on her.


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