Sunday, May 31, 2009

A good scratch....

As I was taking pictures the other day, Emma was grazing away, then suddenly she started walking.....

And proceeded to accost the Pussywillow tree LOL

She scratched her neck on both sides and her pole and her shoulders.... and tasted a little tree.

She had quit a satisfying scratch! After this demonstration I walked out to the barn and got the fly spray and sprayed all three of them down. The little black flies are bad right now, and get their ears, chest and belly, and the dock of the tail. If I keep these areas sprayed regular they dont rub out their tails! I think the black flies have a lot to do with starting the allergic and sometimes autoimmune Sweet Itch problem that a lot of horses have!


  1. Emma is just so pretty :)

    Darn black flies.

    So far we're fly free. We usually get them only two weeks a year in the August monsoon season. As long as it stays breezy up here, the flies don't stand a chance. :)


  2. Wow, I think Emma is a beautiful girl!! She's very lucky to have such a watchful mommy who takes care of all her little needs. I have a mare that has a problem with the summer itchies. Never used to be a problem, but the last couple, and already this year she keeps getting these tiny bumps all over her underside and up between her front legs. They itch her bad!! You can't see them, but if you run your hands over the area, they're everywhere!! I try to keep her clean, rub cortisone lotion on the bumps and use fly spray. Nothing really seems to help. Very discouraging! I think I might have to try some oral steroids, see if that helps. We don't have much of a fly problem yet, and I haven't noticed the small black flies, so not sure what is causing it.

  3. Thanks FV, I love my Emma, I never thought I would have a white horse but she is here to stay LOL.

    Lisa, we have those pesky black flies until it freezes again in Oct. So usually when it warms up in March, until fall, poor babies.

    C-ingspots, Ya trying to figure out what is making them uncomfortable is really a pain sometimes! I figure if they have those bloodsuckers in thier ears then they are getting eaten alive elsewhere too! Emma had little fly welts all over her chest the other day. Oh and the wipe 2 flyspray, is an oil base, it seems to work better here during the summer when it is really hot, the only problem is they get covered in dust! so a lot of baths LOL

  4. Trees don't survive around horses much do they? :) Thanks for the explanation about liver spots. I love dapple greys. ;)
    Glad you're attentive to your Emma - she's a beauty! :)

  5. It is always so much fun to stop and visit here. I learn lots about horses and dogs and events. I get to take trips and see places I would never get to see.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Dayphoto, yes the horses can really damage trees in the field. This Pussywillow is doing ok, its huge! and we have a willow tree in the field that they dont touch, go figure LOL

    Linda, Thank you! I have fun doing the blog, it still amazes me that people want to read about my mundane little life LOL!


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