Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things quiet and soothing....

Puppies sleeping, why does that always make me smile.

Watching my mares graze contentedly in the pasture, always makes me smile, and enjoy watching them.
And Emma, she is a special horse to me, she is usually so calm and easy to get along with, at the same time she is a goofball and into everything.
(she does have her ornery moments too LOL)
I love standing in the barn and listening to them munch hay, it is a soothing sound. To me its better than those ocean sound cd's or any other so called soothing nature sounds, someone should make a recording of that for horse people, I wonder if it would sell?
I just needed soothing and quiet today, I am getting apprehensive about my coming MRI scan on Monday the 11th. There is a lot of anxiousness and dread attached to these tests now.


  1. My thoughts will be with you on Monday. Panama has a "doctor's" appointment on Tuesday so 'tis the season I guess!

  2. Good luck with the MRI. Think positive. Visualize a clean scan. I did say I was going to make a recording of horses eating and try to sell it, but like so many of my goals, that fell on the wayside. Someone else will probably pick up the idea and become a millionaire.

  3. Good luck! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!!


  4. Beautiful photos and yes, very calming.
    I'm hoping all will be well with you. You are in my prayers.


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