Friday, May 22, 2009

WAHSET state meet, more drill, and going home!

This Drill team was just a hoot! I dont know how long it took them to paint 12 horses like this! but wow! This buckskin was my favorite.

All of them had purple and gold zebra stripes! I heard some folks camped next to us talk about "painting" now I know what they were painting!

This team had a great run, placed ahead of us, they didnt have flags either. Talk about a lot of work.
Can you see that each one is painted down their legs too!

This is where we camped, just power was all we needed, we are in the middle. from left to right, Janice and Missy in the Chev, Meg and I in the Ford, and Judy and Carissa in the Dodge. We all haul a trailer behind a truck with a camper. Alas, this is probably the last trip the camper will make, she is falling apart and will take a lot to fix! we have had it for at least 13 years, so she has served her purpose, but it still makes me sad. It is a circa 1976!

Before we left on Saturday we had to watch Jory do Dressage.

And Breamen do Barrels, unfortunately she knocked a barrel down.

And Meghan hosed Easys legs before we left on a long haul.

Easy seemed to like the cool water.
( Easy is wearing a halter that I hand tied, that fiodor knot is a challange!)

We took the wrong highway out of the Tri cities, and went 30+ miles out of our way and another hour and a half, at least it was a good day for a drive! We headed West towards Yakima, instead of South to the River then down the Gorge. We left around 2:30. We got home at 7:30 instead of 6, oh well.
These are some of the wind mills close to the road going into the Goldendale valley.

View of the Valley.

These are really kind of surreal in person!

And Janice and Missy in front of us, and we are finally home!!
I will keep trying to post the drill videos, last time I waited a couple days and they uploaded fine.


  1. The zebra horses were very cool. They did a great job painting them. wow! Looks like everyone had a great time. Your campers are such a great idea when going to horse events. Will you be looking for a new one?

    I agree about the wind mill power. We have a lot of them out here in New Mexico. They are like statues...very useful statues. hehe!


  2. Lisa, Yeah I would like to have another camper, just a lot newer LOL, we rebuilt the whole front of that camper when we got it, that was a lot of work! I want just an 8 or 8 1/2 footer though, instead of another 10 1/2 foot monster. We about ripped all the jacks off of it this last time we loaded it, the wood is getting pretty rotten, it is so wet here that they always leak somewhere. The kids are all done now! so it will just be the Hubby and I.

    The wind mills are fairly new to the NW, and still a novelty, they havnt put any over here on the west side of the state, that I know of yet.


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