Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy weekend....great Mothers day.

Saturday we had a full day, Meg and I took the dogs up to Wilco to get Jessie bathed, our appointment was a noon. We got there early and took her in, took Teddy too, he seems to be having a problem with his glands, so I had the groomer do his glands.
Meanwhile we shopped some at Wilco (which is a big farm store, I worked here for a year before my BT surgery) Bought some seeds for the garden and some ivermectin for the horses. Then we went to Taco Bell for lunch, drove around and then came back and parked to eat. Came home after getting Jessie and Brother #1 had a party for Mothers day and Grammys birthday! Grammy is the Boys grandmother, she will be 96 years old on Tuesday! Here is a pic of Hubby and his Grammy together. He just came off of 10 days of 12hr days, graveyard, so he was pretty tired on Saturday.

Everyone outside, the weather was nice, breezy so a little chilly.

Then Meg and I had to leave the Party to go to the WAHSET awards night, the drill team got silver medals for our district and we had a lot of the girls medal in individual events too! It was a good year, the food was good at the awards, sloppy joes, baked beans, strawberries, watermelon, chips, and yummy peach or apple cobbler and cookies for dessert! worth the $4 they charged for the meal.

Luxor got a lot of attention, everyone loves him. (On the far left you can see another dog butt)

Luxor under the table.

They had slide shows the whole time during dinner and awards. Frontier, he is a working guide dog. Frontier was there with his blind lady, she has had him for two years.

Maybe someday Luxor will get to be a working dog! Frontier was a perfect gentleman. It was neat to talk to the lady that has him, he also is from Guide Dogs For The Blind, the logo is on his working harness. She reminded us that even though Luxor has to go back, it is so worth it for people like her to get a dog, it means a lot to them!
We told her, THAT is what makes it all worthwhile!! She was very gracious and was happy to "see" a guide dog in training.

The Washougal WAHSET team won the Sportsmanship award trophy for the district! they were so excited, this award is voted on by all 8 schools in the district. Remember they did the Movie night and the Easter egg hunt at two different meets this year and they also did cheers and chants on horseback during events! they were a crack up!!

The Drill team up accepting their silver medal for short program.
Carissa, Braemen, Emily, Jori, Meghan, Missy, Kesleigh, Tori. Missing is Katie, she had to work.

Here is their trophy!

Pretty cool.
Sunday we went to breakfast, for Mothers day and went shopping and came home and had meatballs and tater salad in the garage LOL it was a good weekend! I heard from the other two children too, it was nice to talk to them.
My MRI scan went well today, they knocked me all the way out! I wont get results for a few days. I am still a little rummy from the sedation, at least I should sleep good tonight ! LOL


  1. Nice times and congrats for the award..they worked hard for that!
    I pray the scan is good news,sleep well!

  2. Awww. Happy belated Mother's Day! I'm glad it was a good day for you. Poor hubby. My hubby can sympathize. He does those long graveyard hours, too. I don't know how they do it.

    Wow! That's quite an award. Congrats to the girls!
    The guide dogs are so amazing and special, too.



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