Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WASET state meet opening ceremonies, drill practice....

So we got there in time to watch team members compete, that was cool. Then they had the opening ceremonies. The American Flag is the first rider in.

Then they had the kids come in by school, wow were there a lot of schools represented!!

Some cute horses like this little Fjord.
I would gues that 90% of the horses there were Quarter Horses, 5% Arab and Apaloosa, and 5% other breeds like Thoroughbred, Fjord, Saddlebred, Miniature horse. I probably missed some but that is what it seemed like.

Some cute Appys.

A realy cute silver dapple pinto, Mini.

The kids that took the mini's did the IHOR class, In hand trail, or driving with them.

I cant discribe how many horses were in the arena at the end! Three lines of horses, I would guess close to 200? One thought I had was how much money was in there all a ounce! Horses, tack, and the cost of their upkeep! Not to mention the upkeep of the teenagers LOL.
When it comes to economic stimulas, they better not discount the Horse people!!!!

This is the right side of the group....

and the left side of the group.
This arens in HUGE I guess 200"wide X 300"long!! For gaming and for Drill they put a pipe fence up across the width to make it 200x250, for safety, so they dont run outside onto the pavement!! And have a stopping area.

And after Opening ceremonies they had to wait their turn to practice drill. Here Meg is ponying Jet, Katies horse, while she did a bathroom run.

The team walking around the outside warmup ring.

Braemen on Benny, Missy on Carter and Carissa on Steel.

And almost time, waiting for a working 4's team to finish up, Drill teams were susposed to go before the 4's teams, but something got screwed up, or they just snuck their names on the list.

Headed out to practice, they had an ok practice.

We sat there untill 12:40AM, before they got their turn in the arena! Wow was it a late night. Most of them were grummpy and ready for bed too! Including parents! LOL and horses!

But they got through it all and we got to bed at around 1:30AM, they only had 10 minutes to practice, or they actually ran through the drill twice, with a little walking in the middle, so it went a little longer than that.
Then they walked their horses out, and bedded them down, before bed.
Shopping, more mini's and pics tomorrow!


  1. I enjoyed this post very much!


  2. Thanks Lina! we had a fun weekend.

  3. Linda, LOL sometimes I cant type LOL


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