Monday, May 25, 2009

A trip to the beach, the Oregon coast....

We drove to the beach on Sunday. To the Oregon Coast.

The drive down was beautiful! it was around 60 degrees all day, not quite tank top weather but close. We drove through a lot of rural farm country on the way down there, and fields like this! Beautiful red clover fields, probably being raised for cover crop seed. It is amazing just how colorful they are in the midst of the green.

This is the Evergreen Air and Space Museum,http://http// a very cool place to visit, a lot of vintage aircraft here, these buildings are huge! Inside the far right building, see below pic too, is the famous Spruce Goose, the largest airplane ever made, to actually fly! It only flew I think about a 100 feet, but it flew! You can go inside it and see just how big is actually is! There are WWl and WWll fighter planes of every type, some beautiful aircraft! They now have and IMAX theater there too! We need to go again, we have been twice, but before my digital cameras!

It is hard to believe that a plane that big actually fit inside a building! I believe they built the building around it.

Beautiful Farm country.

I couldnt tell what they were growing here, but it was pretty fields. hmm by the sign maybe it was strawberries!

Roadside stands with fresh produce.

Oregons largest crop, timber! Wow this was a huge pile of logs! That crane is easily a 100 feet tall. You drive through logging towns and dairy farms and orchards all the way through NW Oregon.

Dang it I wish this had turned out better, someone has put a pickup up in a tree! LOL it is pretty funny. Just in the middle of a normal looking field.

And our first stop at the tribal Casino, we did OK, I took $60, and walked out with $120. That doesnt happen very often! LOL

And back on the road after a couple of hours, there are a lot of Elk down on the coast. I will have some pics of them later on another post.

This sign says Lincoln City, our destination, boy was there holiday traffic, a couple miles out of town we were in a solid line of cars, crawling along, all because of the 1 stop light on the main Hwy that goes North and South again.

The Pacific Ocean! at least our first glimpse of it LOL

The weather was so pretty! Clear and a little breezy, you might say coastal! LOL

More to come!


  1. Did you get your ice cream at Tillamook?

    City Boy and I noticed the Air & Space Museum and the Spruce Goose sign on our last trip south. Figured we'd best stop on our next trip.

  2. Tracey, no on this trip we didnt make it to the Tillamook Creamery, but we have lots of times! Yum Yum! LOL And DO stop at the Air Museum, it was a lot of fun, even for a girl that doesnt like that kind of stuff!! We went back again another time and took my Hubbys Dad.

  3. Looks like a great road trip! You were in my neighborhood. I saw your pics and recognized every one of them. Glad you had a good time at the beach, and glad the weather was nice.
    So good to hear that your MRI was clean!!!
    Happy Happy Happy!!!

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your road trip. What fun things you saw along the way.



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