Monday, May 4, 2009

Teddy again LOL...

This comic strip is so funny. I have started giving Teddy treats when he comes back in from doing his duty LOL So that he doesnt run off and explore the neighborhood, which he has done in the past, he is to old now! But still follows his nose. Now he expects the treat when he comes back in, if he doesnt come in right away he doesnt get his treat, usually he barks at the door, now, when he wants back in, and then he gets his treat. Spoiled brat! LOL
Do our critters train us or do we train them??? LOL


  1. Good question , I often wonder at least with my dogs ,who is the boss!

  2. LOL.......I think they are smarter than we are and definitely THEY train us! They know a softie when they see one!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  3. I think you got it. We are definitely the ones who are trained but it's still lots of fun.


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