Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day two WAHSET state meet, Drill!

Coming in for their last drill run.
The 2009 season is over with this last run. They had a good run. At the judges meeting before the drill started the judges told them that teams that carry flags will place higher.

Lining up to go in for warm up, practice.

Meghan and Easy. The old mare stayed sound and in good shape for WAHSET this year, I still cant believe she is 24! She acts like a 10 year old!

Warm up.

And finally their last Drill run. They look good! They ended up placing 8th out of 10 teams, which was a disappointment. Like I said though, the judge told them teams that carried flags would place higher, and they made the choice to not carry any flags because of some horses with issues. If they could only have carried two flags I think they would have placed better. I think they were below all the teams that carried flags.

There was one bad wreck while the Goldendale team ran, I didnt get any pics of it though, a bigger horse ran into the back of a smaller horse and sent it sprawling, it fell rider and all. They both were OK, got up and walked a little and got back on and finished their drill at a trot, to much applause. Watching them they really needed more work to ride as fast as they were, their timing and spacing left much to be desired, and they were riding to fast for thier skill level, which in my opinion leads to accidents! They should have worked slower. At least none of them was seriously injured, I am sure they were sore the next day!
WAHSET is over for the year. Meghan is almost done with High School. A changing chapter in our lives. I would recommend High School Equestrian Teams to anyone who has a kid in High School, it has been a lot of fun. WAHSET is a lot more laid back than 4-H, I think our kids that have done 4-H did really well. In 4-H they are taught to take care of their animals themselves and clean up after them, and they learn a lot of responsibility. The only difference I noticed in WAHSET was a lot of parents were doing the work, the feeding and the cleaning, and sometimes the tacking up too. I am proud of our team who had some help from parents but for the most part they did everything themselves.
Meghan and I want to do some trail riding this summer and she wants to do the 4-H fair, we will see where we are come August, she is all signed up.
Blogger doesnt seem to want to upload my video today, I am going to post and then try to post just the video.


  1. Blogger does not seem to want to upload my video today so I will try again tomorrow.

  2. Must be kind of bittersweet to finally be done , though you must be soo proud of you daughter ,and you sweet old mare . Hoorah foe Meghan and Easy ,and a job well done. The placement ,reflects to me that your team chose safety over all and that makes them first ! where it counts.


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