Thursday, May 28, 2009

I hate it when I forget my camera!

Hi all,

Had a busy day today, went out early, for me anyway LOL before 11am, and worked Emma from the ground. Meghan and I wormed them on Tues. and Emma was full of it, so I decided I better get out there and give her a job! She has an attitude when she isnt worked with much.

We had a good workout, I free lounged her, because she was to much on the end of the line! She had her Parelli halter on and I had the 12' line but she jerks out of my hand unless I have the 22' line. So I let her loose and worked her on changing direction, she ran and ran and ran, geez she was full of it LOL I didnt have a watch on but I bet she went for a good half hour! I clipped the lead back on her and did some ground work that way too, and some respect work! A little of the 7 games, I need to brush up on them LOL. She was being a brat, and got spanked a couple of times, although I did get a lot of lick and chew after that! I worked with her for another half hour and she was soaking wet, so we went and had a hosing off! She sure is white, I WILL remember to take my camera out and get some pics tomorrow!

I am going to do some ground work with her for a few days before I ride her, for the respect. For those of you that do Parelli she is a Left brain Extrovert, and has her own idea about things! She can be a handful, but as long as you earn her respect, she is fine. One example of her attitude, when I had to spank her, because she was ignoring me, she squealed and did a small strike motion! I dont think so brat!!! She would really take advantage of someone who wasnt boss! So I make her move her feet where I want them! She also is such a love too, and totally different under saddle, except for the kick out when she gets spanked ((sigh)) She is a spoiled brat LOL, but I love her, and she is solid on the trails! Meghan and I want to go for a trail ride soon!

After I worked Emma I came in and rested for a few, then went out and weeded the rose garden, that took me awhile, glad I wore sunscreen, as it got up to 84 degrees today!

I felt like I got a lot accomplished today, relaxed and read a book the rest of the afternoon, then Hubby BBQed some killer chicken mmmm mmmm.

Time to catch up on blogs and write a note! Pics tomorrow I promise LOL


  1. haha! My hubby BBQ'ed chicken for us, too! Cool!

    Emma sounds so much like my mare personality-wise. Silly opininated mares!


  2. Busy lady , I often forget my camera ,seems we just get wrapped up in a project and...


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