Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day one WAHSET state meet 2009....

We started our day, leaving at 8:00am. We stopped and got fuel and then went to the feed store and bought a bale of shavings to put on the trailer floor, to make it more comfy for the old mare, I wanted to wet them for the long haul, but didnt get to.
We met Judy and Carissa for the drive up at 9:00am at a Park and Ride about 10 miles up the highway.

The weather was rainy when we left home, but got better the farther east we went. Everything is still really green right now, soon it will all turn shades of brown. The east side of the Columbia Gorge is a lot different than the west side. We go from all fir trees to some pines, then to rocky grassland.

The sky was pretty as we traveled up the Gorge.
I had to give Meghan a bad time so she would take some pics of our trip while I was driving. LOL

It is pretty rocky ground over here.

Looking across the Columbia River to the Oregon side of the river.

Views of the Oregon side, and poppys in the foreground! The wildflowers are blooming now.

Some buildings on the edge of the cliff.
Below is Oregon Route 84, we are on Washingtons Highway 14. More about highways and directions later!

Sky and rocky grassland. Excuse the reflections in the glass.

I am always amazed at how bare it looks with hardly any trees, and the wind was blowing hard!!

Down the highway we go.

And the new change in the scenery the farther east we go.
Up on the top of the hill....

Looking to the Oregon side....
Wind mills, a whole lot of them!!

Maryhill winery, a neat place is Maryhill. Here in the middle of seemingly nowhere is a winery a wonderful museum, Maryhill Museum. Nearby is a full sized version of Stonehenge too!! It has been years since I visited them, we have to go again!!

There are less clouds the farther east we go!

And more wind mills! There are so many now it is amazing!

Some of them look like giant crosses on top of the hill.

Megan thought they looked creepy when just the arms showed above the hill.

The Dalles Dam on the Columbia River.

And we seen a Cowboy!! LOL (and the tip of my nose LOL LOL)

There is no way to describe just how humongously large that these wind mills are!!!!

And we are there finally, took us 3 1/2 hours to drive, with a potty stop and a stop at McDonalds. It was warm, around 70ish. I was following Meghan, Carissa, and Judy.

We finally arrived around 1:30-2:00.

This was the favorite mode of transportation. Quads, golf carts, bicycles, and on foot LOL. They told us ahead of time that we could bring small motorized vehicles.

Showmanship was still going when we got there.

Nice facility! The bleachers are aluminum though and very noisy.

This is just a shameless pic of a really cute little mare LOL
More about all the horses later.

Kila rode her gelding Desy, aka Kilas Destiny, in Saddleseat, Huntseat, Drill and Jumping.
She earned a gold medal and top in state for Saddleseat! She also received a scholarship from WAHSET. She is a graduating senior, and Meghan has been doing 4-H with her for a long time.
Kila is on the Ridgefield team this year.

Carissa warming up Steel, after the haul up. She went in the Keyhole race.

And her run into the keyhole....

And out of the Keyhole...
Which was a clean run of 7.29 seconds!! She went clean and won the Gold medal in Keyhole, best in the state! Meghan, Kila, and Carissa have done 4-H together since they were all 8 years old. Now they are all graduating from High school!

Emily went in the Pole race, she had a good run going...

....then knocked down a pole, darn it! plus 5 seconds for that. Her time was fast enough if she had not of knocked over the pole, to put her in 4th place. But alas, she had a down pole.
I think that is all of our kids that ran that day!
Opening ceremonies and more stuff, coming up....

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  1. Beautiful photographs! It brought memories of my family.......My cousin lives still in The Dalles, Oregon and my parents used to live at Stevenson, WA before I was born and they came back to Oklahoma just before I came to be... Love the color of Steele!


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