Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday flowers....

Roses from Megs birthday....

The pink one came out nice.
Purple Iris are my favorites! This was from her senior congrats bouquet.

The Rhodes are starting to bloom around the house, my fav is a dark purple one, it is still in buds.

Daffodils in the kitchen window.
I needed something bright and cheery, its been rainy and thunderstormy here, and more to come it looks like!


  1. You took some lovely flower photos. My favorite are the rhodes. Never heard of them before, but they are so delicate and pretty. :)

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me such supportive kind words. I appreciate it.
    You mentioned taking Glucosamine and Chondroiten. Good stuff. I've been taking it every day for over 2 years now, because I have chronic hip displasia. Before that I was taking fish oil for over 14 years on the recommendation of our vet, who had been treating our GSD who had hip displasia, too. (Hey! If it worked for her, why not me, right? lol)

    It worked good for about 13 years, but then my hips got worse and I was taking 4 fish oil gel tabs a day and the fishy burps were getting nasty.
    I was so glad to find the Gluc. and Chon..
    I take 3 a day now and if I miss more than 3 days I can't even walk (well, when my knee was better. lol!)


  2. Hey Lisa, Those are Rhodedendron bushes, native to this area, at least up in the mountains.

    I realy wanted you to check into the MSM for the inflamation its good stuff, discovered right here in Camas WA.(well its parent DMSO was, it is DMSO with all the bad stuff taken out.)


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