Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oregon Coast, North up through Dairy country, headed home....

Going North from Lincoln City towards Tillamook. This is Dairy country!

One family Dairy sign we passed, it is challenging to take pics at 60MPH!

A farm with a Semi parked out front, and an old fashioned wind mill, not those new fangled ones!

Cows, cows and more cows!

Neat old farm house, there are a lot of these.

View up the Highway. Its flat farm country then all of a sudden it goes straight up into the Coast Range.

More cows.

A big Barn and lots of cows!

Did I say cows, I have a theme going here LOL

A pretty little river we drove along, I dont remember the name of it.

Pretty, quiet little river.

Flat and then mtns.

More cows! When we are hunting we call cows "slow Elk". LOL

And real Elk! They were eating Alfalfa provided for them, there were hundreds!

Here in Oregon and Washington we have Roosevelt Elk, they are quit a bit smaller than the Rocky Mtn Elk. There is also another subspecies down here on the Oregon coast and I think into California that are called the Tule Elk.(toolee)

This guy will probably have a good sized set of antlers! being it is only May and they dont lose velvet until around August.

More farm country on the other side.

And another Air Museum, in an old Blimp hanger from WWll.

This was just North of the field where the Elk were.

And the road leading to the Museum. There was an airplane on a pole!, I didnt catch the name of this Museum.

More cows!

Big Dairy barns, beautiful, green, country. At least it still is right now! Everything but the Fir trees will turn golden brown by August.

Neat old barn.

More fields of Clover in bloom. We passed some fields of White clover too, but they didnt show up in the pics.

More old farms and crops growing, I was amazed that some were already cutting hay! Grass hay that I could tell, usually they dont start until late June. Maybe it will be a good year for the Hay crop.
And after this we headed into Portland and the concrete jungle, no more pretty pics. We started our day at McD's for breakfast and ended our day at McD's for dinner! At around 8:30pm. We had a great day and want to do it again soon, it has been a couple of years since we were able to go, even for the day.
Thanks Honey for a great day!!!!!


  1. Great photos again , you have a good eye!

  2. Lovely pic. I remember seeing elk too driving thru Oregon. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. What beautiful country! It must make for a much better road trip than brown, hot central CA. Looks like you guys had a great time! :)

  4. Thanks Fern valley!

    Your welcome Bevy, I have so much fun with the blog.

    April, yes we had a great time, been way to long since we went and played!

  5. Thanks for taking us all along on the drive. There were many interesting things to see, and lots of pretty vistas, too.
    Did the cows smell up your car as you drove by, like they do around here?
    Wow! Those elk so close to the road...and so many! Cool!



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