Friday, May 22, 2009

MRI results!!!!

This is what my Doc said about my MRI,

Pamela, Sorry about the delay. I was ill all last week.
Your MRI is stable, without any changes from previous MRI - no new changes, or concerning findings
Jon E Casebeer MD

Such a relief!! I am so happy! It has been 14 months since my surgery, and no recurrance!!!

I have been feeling better and better as time gone on, except for this lousy cold/flu I picked up, on my second day of that, sore throat yesturday and fever and chills today ((sigh)) I hope it is over quick. Hubby wants to go for a drive on Sunday, down to the beach, and quick stop at the Casino and maybe a stop at Tillamook Creamery! yum yum! So I hope this goes away!!!


  1. After all you have been through a cold isn't gonna stand a chance,you will knock it dead in no time ! Hoorah for a clear MRI!

  2. Yay! Such great news! Silly doctor making you wait needlessly, though. lol!

    Feel better from the cold/flu soon!
    One word: Zicam! :)


  3. Great news about the MRI. I find that it's good to not hear from your doctor immediately after running some tests. I hope you feel better soon.


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