Friday, May 29, 2009

Wandering around the yard....

All of the Rhododendrons are in bloom. This is one of my favorites

The pictures just dont do this one justice. I tried all kinds of settings, but the bright sunlight washed them out, they are a pretty dark royal purple!

This one shows the color better at least, with the unopened blooms.

These are my favorite flowers around the house, and they come back every year, they are planted in an old old piece of clay sewer pipe, I have three of these pieces of pipe.

The wind chimes the Equestrian team gave me for my birthday, they are a nice quiet sound. I like them!

This was my project on Tues. I got pole beans planted and cucumbers, I am going to see if they climb up the trellis. Also planted bush peas, Oregon sugar pod, I know, I know its way late for peas, but what the heck, and it is in a shady spot, maybe we will get enough for a stir fry or a salad.

This was my project after working with Emma Thurs. Getting the rose bushes out of the weeds, stickers and grass, it took me awhile, but I got it done! I still get disoriented and dizzy sometimes bending over, I am hoping the more I do it the better it will get!
The pots on the wall are the next project, we grew hot peppers in them last year, and have three bigger wooden barrel pots for tomato's, I still have to buy the plants. I never get my garden in until the first on June, and I seem to get plenty of harvest.

This is the other side I want to work on when it isnt 86 degrees out, man it got hot fast! The pond in the upper right corner with weeds too, all this has to get done before Meghan grad party on the 20th of June!

The Peonies are blooming, talk about color!

The Chives, I love chives, we have had this plant since we moved into the house, 11 years, I fertilize it and harvest some and thats about all, and it comes back every year. Chive blooms are so happy bobbing in the wind.

Happy frog, and some of the water Iris around the pond.

And my Emma, she is getting whiter and whiter! I think she is a little sore from her workout yesterday, she was a little gimpy on that left hind. Not enough to let me walk up to her in the field and spray her with fly spray, little brat kept walking away, usually she just stands there. The other two did.

Close up of her side, she has shadows of tiger stripes on her ribs.

And she will probably never be completely white, she is starting to get liver spots! these are on her shoulder.

Her back leg, I love the patterns she has, you can see the darker leg barring greyer area above the hock, she has a lot of dun factor, she has just lost most of it to white (((sigh)))

She was impossible to get pics of in the sun. Can you say whiteout! I kept waiting for her to come all the way into the shade but she wouldnt. I love how the white runs up both sides of her neck next to her mane. She still has a little bit of her dorsal stripe up above her hips too. I thought for awhile I was going to have a white Appy with red front socks! LOL, but now that she is getting liver spots.... who knows, Appaloosas!


  1. Liver spots! Huh? What does that mean ... is she drinking too much??? LOL! Though maybe that's a serious thing?! I don't know.
    You are just alittle ahead of me - I'm in the convergence zone and our peony's aren't even close to blooming - but they do have a bloom or two on them. It's warm here today.
    Thanks for the tour. Great pix!

  2. What absolutely stunning photos of the flowers !!!! Just beautiful . And Emma too!

  3. HeyBevy, liver spots, have you ever seen a grey Arab that is older and has all those little brown spots all over them? They are those little brown spots.

    Fernvalley, I had fun finding all the flowers in the yard, now we have to unbury all of them from the weeds!

  4. You have some really pretty flower photos... I'm lovin' purples so that makes me happy. If I had a home with a yard... I would plant nothing but purple flowers everywhere! Well, I would try at least and I would have a bazillion windchimes everywhere... lets hope I live alone with no neighbours, hey??!? Or either in a very windless area so it doesn't over ring those chimes! =)


  5. Hey Michele, I love purple flowers too! purple or blue. whenever I buy flowers they always have to be some shade of purple or blue.

  6. Love the first pic of the Rhody. We had one that color many years ago at our house and it was always my favorite!


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