Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach trip, post #2, lots and lots of people!

When we finally got to the coast, we both were hungry and wanted to go to the seafood place at Lincoln City, Mo's. Mo's has the best clam chowder in a bread bowl ever! But as we drove in the parking lot a problem became evident. Lines of cars and....

Cool fish sculpture. (not the problem lol)

The estuary next to the restaurant.

There are Tsunami evac signs everywhere at the coast, like you would have time to follow them all! LOL


And this, the line to get IN, was way out the door!!!! Darn it, so we went somewhere else. Next time maybe, it is a popular place, being right on the beach and all, and having good food!

We found a nice tiny little roadside restaurant called J's seafood. I will tell you it was good stuff! Hubby had the fresh fried lingcod, 3 pieces and slaw and fries for $10, I had a 4 pc plate that had a cod, a halibut and two shrimp, all breaded and fried! LOL I also had a special of this little place, salt and pepper chips, made fresh, and hot! they were great, and coleslaw. It was a good lunch. But I didnt take my camera in.
Then we stopped at Barnacle Bill's.

We wanted some smoked salmon and a salmon fillet for my dinner for memorial day. (Hubby had a ribeye steak, of course LOL I also had some good scallops I had in the freezer and made a killer potato salad!)
There was Moist, Medium and Dry smoked fish.
Hubby made a smoked salmon and cream cheese dip out of it, sure was good! Smoked salmon is at $19 a pound! wow, our little piece was $8.

My fillet was the one the fork is in LOL
$9.99lb and Canadian caught fish, so much for local LOL
There were also clams and scallops, and.... lots of good seafood!!
After this we went to the Tangers Outlet Mall, and walked around for awhile. Bought a few things, my favorite place in Harry and Davids though. We got dark chocolate truffles and Peanutbutter Moose Munch! Yumm Yumm!!

This was our last stop at Lincoln City, the other Casino LOL we played for awhile, the machines werent playing, so we decided to head home! I made the mistake of giving Hubby my $20 ticket to cash out for me, but he wouldnt give it back LOL We really didnt lose much, or gain any LOL but we had fun. We only play slots, no cards or bingo or anything for us.
This Casino is right on the Ocean. The Indian Tribe owns the Hotel behind it and we noticed, the Golf Course now! Which is a little farther inland.

The view of the ocean from where we were parked.

And North, prettier view without the buildings, it was breezy and a little on the chilly side, but a beautiful sunny day!! About 61 degrees here at the coast.

And we head home, North up towards Tillamook, beautiful Dairy Farm country. (the specks are from the bugs on the windshield LOL)
There are cows out there LOL.
Hubby made fun of me taking pics of cows on the way home!
More to come and Pics of cows and Elk!


  1. Wow , I am drolling over all the yummy food pictures! Looks like a fun getaway!

  2. Someday I would like to visit and see this, but until then....THANK YOU!


  3. Hmmm now you've made me hungry for some seafood - yummy!! You two sound like us - always hungry. There's just something about being at the beach that makes me want to eat all kinds of good things. Another great place to eat clam chowder is in Depoe Bay at the Sea Hag - indescribably delish!!! Excellent fish and chips too! Oh, and that beach right by the Chinook Winds Casino is a great place to bring your horses and go riding. Just past the casio entrance about 1-2 blocks, you turn left and at the end is a place to park the trailer. Trailhead goes down to the beach. You can ride all the way to the Inn at the Spanish Head from there. Great beach ride!
    We used to live in Tierra Del Mar and know lots and lots of good local eateries. Sometime you need to try The River House in Pacific City - yum!! Okay, I'll shut up now since I'm drooling all over my keyboard. :)

  4. C-ingspots, LOL, nothing like seafood at the beach :)....(drool)LOL I will keep the Riverhouse in mind for our next trip!

    I hope someday you can make it to the Pacific Linda! Our west coast has the best seafood, King Crab, Dungeoness Crab, Clams etc....

  5. Mo's is always a must stop for us when we're home. I've got a trip planned for the end of June and now you've reminded me that I'll need to add a day for the coast!

  6. I've not had any good seafood since we lived in Maryland and South Carolina....years ago. Yummy...your post makes me want some. I'm really craving some fried clams right now. lol!

    If your hubby is like mine, he'd always asking, "Did you get a picture of that..this...whatever..for the blog?" lol!

    I'm glad you had a fun time on your trip.



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