Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WAHSET state meet day two....

Day two, out at the wash rack I caught the cutest mini, this little silver dapple reminded me so much of the shetland we used to have. Round and cobby and fat, and cute LOL. (but much smaller than the shetland)

This was out row of stalls, having outdoor stalls is unusual for us from the west side of Washington! and the ground was all sand. We are used to water, mud, dirt, grass, and more water and mud LOL.

Easy got a hosing off too.

Here is a better pic of the little mini, she is so cute!

And....lots of shopping! Clothing and bling bling tack!

Boots and show clothes.

Bling belts.

This booth had everything, decor, belts, bronc halters, crosses , for your breastcollar, spur straps, etc....

She even did special order custom work, on the bronc halters and the crosses, of what colors and style you wanted.

Some of the bronc halters. There were some with a lot more bling! I swear if things dont have rhinestones on them anymore, they are so out of fashion! LOL

Oh, just a cute Appy butt!!
I just love Appy's!!

Working pairs, this was the most unusual costumes that I have seen, a gauzie gold and copper, I wish I could remember what they rode to, may have just been an instrumental.

These girls just had fun! They rode to a disco song, thus the hair and the disco ball on the breastcollar LOL

Classic Arab costumes. This is Kila on Desy on the near side. I dont know her partners name, but he rides an Arab/pinto.

One of the working 4's teams, I will post a few videos of the drills later.

And the cheering section for district 4, boy were they load LOL Which at 1:am is a little annoying LOL but they had fun!
Drill post tomorrow!


  1. LOL. Those disco outfits are great.

  2. Looks like a fun time and I love Appie's and their cute little butts too!

  3. Love the appy butt shot!

    Didn't realize you were in WA. Have a friend who's daughter competed this year. Have thought about having Darling do this next year. Have y'all had a positive experience?

  4. Hi Tracey!, Yes WAHSET has been a very positive experience for us. Our High School has only had it for 3 years, and it has gotten better every year! I would recomend it to anyone with a kid in High School! They went from 5 team members the first year (my daughter didnt ride because of grades) to 20 team members this year! They will lose 5 Seniors this year. We have good people and no "Drama" so things went good.

  5. Looks like a great time ,I am starting to fall for the "bling trend" a little so I guess its lucky I don't go to those things

  6. An Arab/pinto... That's what Panama is! Wish you could have gotten a better picture of that one! :o)


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