Monday, April 13, 2009

WAHSET meet #3 day one and two....

We left at Noon again and were there at @2:30.
Finally we are there! Trailer parked, truck and camper parked and plugged in. The same spot we had last meet.
Keep in mind how dry things are in the previous picture, I will have a Sunday pic to show you!

Horse tucked into the stall, fed and watered, and saddle and tack box unloaded.

And the first class, IHOR. at @5:00, the girls did ok in the class.

Here they are lining up for the course, it is a team relay class.

The sidepass obstacle.

Remember the pictures from last meets post. This is one I forgot to get, the neat legs on the isle seats, you can also see how they have fixed the old seats with a piece of plywood when they have worn out. The old cast iron scrollwork is pretty.

Our goofball girls, Jori, Meg, and Missy; on Jake, Easy and Mister. They are waiting for their turn in daubing.

Meghans turn, I finally got a picture of her with the daubing stick.

Lineup again, I think they look so good!

And one of Megs daubing runs, still havnt been able to fix the blur. She got a 2.5, and didnt get the second cow.

And the next run, going into the gate, Easy is getting quite excited about the box now and has to be led in.

The whole daubing team again.

Team sorting, this time they got 4 cows their first run, and a dirty cow the second run.

And an exciting sad melancholy moment.... the senior recognition. They all entered and did two gallops around the arena. Meghan was first in, and they read a little bio that each girl wrote as they rode around. Almost all of the girls thanked their coachs and parents for their years in WAHSET.

And all of the seniors in the lineup, the parents and grandparents went out and gave the girls flowers and the Washougal team gave the girls a monogrammed hay bag. Thats me and Meg on the far right.

Katie hugging her BFF Missy, they were crying, Missy is a Sophomore, and Katie is graduating.

All of the schools seniors, there are quite a few.

And the monogram on the hay bag.

The district gave each senior a rose and a treat bag for their horses.

The bag and all the flowers.

And our Seniors.
Kesleigh on Raj
Jessica on Precious
Katie on Freedom
Carissa on Steel
Jori on Tiz
Meghan on Easy
Congratulations Seniors of 2009! Graduation in June!
It is hard to believe that they are almost done, they grow up so fast.


  1. It looks like a great program for the kids and thier horse ,wish I had had something like that growing up . I bet you are going to miss these events. Though you will have all your lovely photos !

  2. It is a wonderful program for the kids, it is considered a club in the school. Our older daughter almost got to do it but it took the school a couple of years to implement it and administrators that were horse friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone who has kids in high school, it is much more relaxed than 4-H and breed shows, the kids have a lot of fun. Also they get to try things that you would not usualy be exposed to unless you know someone who does it i.e. roping, steer daubing, team sorting, all the team horse events, gaming, equitation classes, showmanship, jumping, they can try and do everything! it is realy cool.


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